My Back Pain Coach – Back Pain Relief 4 Life Review

Workout designed by Ian Hart

Have you been suffering from back pain for longer than you’d care to remember? Is back pain affecting your everyday life? Have you had to give up your favorite activities or ask people to help you do things because you’re scared of throwing your back out? Again? Have you tried everything else - chiropractor, physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, yoga, pilates, electrical stimulation - to relieve your back pain and nothing’s worked?

Are you taking high doses of pain medication and you’ve come to the point where you’re now considering surgery in an attempt to end your suffering? Don’t do it. Don’t go for surgery, that is.

What you need to do first is try the Back Pain Relief 4 Life program. Created by Coach Bojan, an International Sports Coach and University of Belgrade professor, and refined by Ian Hart, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, this program has been extremely effective in helping thousands of people who have suffered from life-altering back pain.

  • Duration: > 12 weeks
  • Frequency: 3-5 times per week
  • Total Cost:     
  •   Money Back Guarantee

Workout Program Achievements
Top 3 Achievements for My Back Pain Coach – Back Pain Relief 4 Life

Fitness Goals:
  • Gain Strength
  • Core Fitness
  • Functional Fitness

Introducing the My Back Pain Coach – Back Pain Relief 4 Life by Ian Hart

Ian claims not a single individual that has completed the Back Pain Relief 4 Life program has gone on to have back surgery. Everyone who has done the program as prescribed has had at least significant – if not complete – relief of their back pain. Some finding relief even after the first session!

Hang on, let’s back up. What’s the problem with back surgery, you ask?

Surgery is rarely 100% successful at eliminating a person’s back pain. The odds of “successful” back surgery are a pathetic 50%. It can leave you in even more pain, or worse, permanently disabled! Plus, it’s expensive.

No matter how long you’ve suffered from back pain or how many professionals you’ve seen in the past, if you’re currently suffering from back pain the Back Pain Relief 4 Life home exercise program should be your next resort at finding relief.

So, how can an affordable home exercise program help relieve back pain? While studying under Serbia’s professors who coached some of the world’s top athletes, Coach Bojan discovered that back pain is caused by muscle imbalances in the body. He then worked to develop a plan that strengthens and balances the weak muscles, earning himself the “golden seal of approval” from the University of Belgrade.

Eventually, Bojan moved to the United States and found himself working at the gym where Ian Hart was the head trainer. He watched the way Hart moved and noted that Hart’s back was bothering him. He pulled Hart aside and, after swearing him to secrecy, Bojan gave him the exact protocol for back pain relief.

Ian Hart went home and did the program in the privacy of his own home. After suffering from debilitating back pain for almost 10 years, following a basketball injury, Hart finally found profound relief in 16 minutes.

Since then, Bojan has relaxed his grip on his secretive back pain relief protocol and the two men opened up a new gym. Since then, they’ve been working together to help people find quick and effective back pain relief.

Not long ago, they developed this exact program specifically for the internet, stamping the name, “Back Pain Relief 4 Life” on it.

Back Pain Relief 4 Life is affordable, easy to use, and it’s helped thousands of people who have been affected by back pain get back to their regular lives.

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Relieve chronic back pain with
My Back Pain Coach – Back Pain Relief 4 Life

Program Duration

  • > 12 weeks

The Back Pain Relief 4 Life program is a series of exercises that you will do for the rest of your life, in order to first achieve and then maintain relief from your back pain.

Although it’s advertised to sound like a quick fix, with multiple testimonies of people finding pain relief within the first short session, it’s not meant to be a one time miracle cure for back pain.

It takes four to six weeks of doing the program consistently, to get to the point where you will have achieved significant or total pain relief. After that, you will ideally continue on with the plan indefinitely.


  • Website
  • DVDS
  • Printed Materials

Once you purchase The Back Pain Relief 4 Life program, you will be directed to the My Back Pain Coach website. You will login to the private member area and find yourself on a Homepage with instructional videos that help you get started. The member area website is easy to navigate.

You will be able to download the ten bonus coaching videos, the bonus beginner mobility video, and Level 1 exercise video onto your desktop computer.

You will also be able to download and print out the accompanying booklet that goes along with the Level 1 video. It contains exercise diagrams and written instructions that you can refer to whenever you need to.

You will also have access to a page filled with over 100 written and video reviews from people who have found relief from the Back Pain Relief 4 Life program. There is also a contact page where you will be able to quickly send a message if you have any questions.

You can even purchase the physical DVDs in addition to the online version of the program for the same price.

Back surgery isn’t always necessary
These exercises can help

Gender Focus – Either

Even though back pain tends to be more common in women than men, the Back Pain Relief 4 Life program is designed for both men and women that are looking for relief from their back pain.

There are no gender-specific exercises; the program is the same for men and women.

Studies do not show why women tend to experience more back pain than men. The most cited study on back pain was done in Germany during the late 1990s. They found that 40% of women and 32% of men reported back pain within a seven day period.

No variables regarding gender differences were noted, suggesting that future studies need to take a look at why this difference in back pain rates exists between genders.

Age Group

  • => 20 years but
  • => 30 years but
  • => 40 years but
  • => 50 years but
  • => 60 years old

This program works for any adult who has back pain, regardless of age.

Among the reviews written by those who have gone through the Back Pain Relief 4 Life program, you will find stories from young athletes in their prime, middle class folks, as well as senior citizens.

The first occurrence of back pain often happens in adults between the ages of 30 and 50 years old. And nearly everyone will experience some sort of back pain at least once in their lives.

Back pain can occur at any age and, although younger people typically have more hope in recovering from their pain, rates of back ache increase as we age. Most so called “back pain experts” blame it on the regular wear and tear of a person’s vertebrae. But Ian Hart believes that his program can help people of all ages find relief from their back pain, even those over 65 who have suffered from back pain for many years.

Body Type (BMI) Fit

  • Under-Weight (Body Mass Index
  • Normal-Weight (Body Mass Index 18.5 to 24.9)
  • Over-Weight (Body Mass Index 25 to 29.9)
  • Obese (Body Mass Index 30 to 34.9)
  • Extremely Obese (Body Mass Index => 35)

Back pain can and does occur in people of all weights and heights. The Back Pain Relief 4 Life program will work for anyone who has back pain, regardless of their fitness level, weight, or body fat percentage.

Anyone, whether they have back pain or not, will benefit from going through this program because it does more than just eliminate back pain.

The Body Mass Index gives you an estimate on your body fat percentage based on your height and weight. Some online calculators also take age into consideration.

Back Pain Relief 4 Life is also a useful program for people who wish to avoid back pain in the future. If you are a desk worker or someone who sits, drives, or lifts objects for hours every day on the job, you are at a higher risk for back pain.

Even if you are a relatively trim and fit individual, the likelihood that you will at some point in your life develop back pain is real. No one is immune to developing the muscle imbalances that Coach Bojan has discovered as the true cause of back pain. Rather than waiting for your back to start hurting, you can purchase this affordable program and stay pain-free for the rest of your life.

Exercise Type(s)

  • Body Weight

The Back Pain Relief 4 Life program is primarily based on bodyweight exercises.

However, the majority of these exercises are likely to be new to most users. They are a set of unique core strengthening exercises and stretches that help your body rebalance and heal itself. These exercises will work for those suffering from all kinds of back pain, whether it is sciatica, low back pain, upper back pain, or pain all over.

There are no push ups to do, no cardio workouts that make you sweat, and no difficult to understand exercises. This program is done almost entirely lying on the floor, though you will require a chair for one of the movements.

If you choose to start with the “Begin Your Day” video, you’ll go through a series of dynamic exercises that are meant to get your entire body warmed up and your joints lubricated. These  gentle movements will help you create the mind body connection Ian Hart often refers to.

The benefit to having a back pain relief program that is done almost entirely on the floor is that it is not overwhelming for beginners, and those that start the program with a lot of pain.

If you’re concerned about getting down on  the floor and up again, Ian Hart has a coaching video made just for you. In this video, he shows you his best method of getting down to a lying position on the floor from standing, then getting back up in a way where you will minimize your pain and your risk of further injury. You also have the option of keeping a chair by your side to assist you as you get down and up off the floor.

Ian does say that it is possible to do the exercises on a bed, but only if your mattress is firm. In a separate coaching video called “8 Dangerous Mistakes that Make Your Back Pain Worse”, Ian shows you how to get out of bed safely.

A more detailed review of the exercises and videos is provided in the Workout Phases section.

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Get tips and learn exercises
That can alleviate back pain

Fitness Goals

  • Gain Strength

  • Core Fitness

  • Functional Fitness

The key health and fitness goal the Back Relief 4 Life program delivers is pain relief. The program is designed to give you relief from your back pain by strengthening your core, balancing your muscles, and helping your body heal.

The bonus side effects you will get by doing this program and reducing your back pain are: stronger abs and core muscles, improved balance and stability when you’re standing and moving, and better posture throughout the day.

The eight key movements in this program are chosen and patterned carefully so you will benefit from an increased flow of fresh blood, oxygen, and nutrients to all areas of the body. This increased flow will help your body heal and provide an overall feeling of well-being.

Some people have lost weight as an indirect result of the program. Because, when you’re no longer in pain and you’re not scared of hurting yourself further, it’s easier to move more and commit to a healthier lifestyle. If you’re someone who has ever “thrown out their back,” Ian Hart will let you know what exactly happens when you do this and what you need to do to fix it and then avoid it entirely in the future.

After Coach Bojan helped Ian Hart overcome his own back pain, the two men joined forces and opened their own training facility where they have helped relieve the back pain of thousands of people – in person.

Now their specialized back pain relief program is available to people all over the world.

Single Vs Group

  • Alone

The Back Pain Relief 4 Life program is designed to be done alone. However, if you’d prefer to have someone nearby to help you get down and up from the floor, a workout buddy is probably a good thing.

The benefit to having a back pain relief program that you can do on your own is that you don’t have to have someone there to help or guide you. No doctors, no physiotherapists, no massage therapists, no chiropractors, no gym trainer.

Just you, the floor, a pillow, and your chair. No waiting around for other people to tell you what to do.

Workout Location

  • At home workout program only
  • Can be done anywhere

The Back Pain Relief 4 Life program is designed to be done in the comfort of your own home.

However, it can be done anywhere. You can take it to the gym if you’d like. You can download and print off the booklet and bring it with you when you travel. You can do the exercises and stretches outside if you prefer.

Since the equipment required is minimal, this program is easy to do almost anywhere you want to do it. All you need is a flat, comfortable area to lie down on and a sturdy chair or its equivalent to sit on.

Tired of not finding relief
Start this routine today

Workout Equipment

  • Yes - simple and portable equipment

You will only need three things to do the Back Pain Relief 4 Life program. And none can be classified as actual exercise or gym equipment.

First, you’ll need a place to lie down. Preferably you will be on a comfortable surface such as a carpeted floor. You can also use an padded exercise or yoga mat to lie on if you’re on a harder surface.

The exercises themselves don’t take up a lot of room but you will need enough space for your arms to reach above your head and your legs to extend completely. You’ll also need room on either side of your body; approximately an arm’s length of space on either side.

Secondly, you’ll need a firm pillow, a towel, or a moderate sized, squishy ball to rest your head on. Since most of the exercises are done lying on your back, you will likely be more comfortable if your head is slightly elevated and supported.

And lastly, you will need a sturdy chair or firm area to sit on for one of the exercises. You will need to be able to sit with your feet flat on the floor and able to grab the seat in the area right between your legs.

Accessories (not required)

There are three things you should consider having on hand when doing the Back Pain Relief 4 Life program.

The first is an accessory known as the Super Strap. The super strap is a specialized strap sold by Ian Hart and Coach Bojan. It is most useful for three different kinds of people.

First, the super strap can be helpful for people who have an extremely weak core.

Second, if, for whatever reason, someone is struggling to get their body into the correct position for an exercise, a super strap can help. For example, it can help you lift your legs to where they need to be.

And lastly, the super strap would be something for you to consider investing in. This can be helpful  if you’ve done the program without the strap and haven’t yet achieved full back pain relief.

You can purchase the super strap separately on the My Back Pain Coach website. It also comes with it’s own additional exercise DVDs.

If you progress from the “Begin Your Day” mobility program to the Advanced Mobility program, you’ll need two additional things. First you’ll need a plain resistance band; handles not required. You’ll also need a pair of supportive shoes, since you’ll be doing some simple plyometric movements.


  • 3-5 times per week

Ideally, you will do the Back Pain Relief 4 Life exercises three to four times a week.

Each workout takes anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. When you first begin, it might take you longer to do each back pain relief session. As you progress, learn the movements, and get stronger, your workout times will decrease.

When you log into the membership website, Ian Hart will welcome you in an introductory video and give you the exact protocol to follow. Some of you may do best to start with the “Begin Your Day” mobility video which is only 11 minutes long. You can do the beginner mobility video once a day.

There is some flexibility with when you do the sessions. You can do this program any time of day. It is best to do this program with a day of rest in between sessions, at least in the beginning.

All it takes is a few minutes each day
Before you notice a difference


  • Follow required program regime strictly to get results

Do you need to be disciplined to see results in this program?

Yes and No.

Yes, it requires you to stick to a strict training regime. The exercises and stretches do not change. They are chosen and patterned in a specific order for quick back pain relief that lasts.

You will need to do the Back Pain Relief 4 Life program a minimum of two times a week in order to get results. You will have better results if you can do the program three to four times a week.

That being said, if you can not follow the regime to a T because you are too weak or sore, but you do your best, you will probably be able to find some measure of relief from your back pain. Over time, you will get stronger and be able to stick with it as prescribed.


The user is allowed to modify the exercises slightly in the beginning.

If you are unable to do the Level 1 video, you can begin with the 11 minute “Everyday Mobility” beginner video.

In Level 1, you can eliminate one of the exercises if you don’t yet have enough core strength. You will add it back in after you’ve gotten stronger. You are also given the instructions to rest in the “start position” at any time you need to take a break.

If you begin to find the Level 1 video too easy and you’re ready to ramp up the intensity, you can progress to the Level 2 video. After you have completed the Level 2 program for at least three weeks, you can ramp up the intensity again by doing the Level 3 video.

Optimal Diet Options

  • Diet changes required: No


  • Supplements Required: No

Supplement Brand

  • Supplements Brands Recommended: No
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Workout Program Support

When you purchase the Back Pain Relief 4 Life program, you will receive unlimited email access to Ian Hart and the Back Pain Relief 4 Life support team. It is referred as “one on one coaching with Ian” when you purchase the program. If your issue can not be properly addressed via email, a phone call may be arranged under certain circumstances.

After you log into the private membership website, you will see a contact page tab in the top menu bar. Click on it, and you will be able to directly email the Back Pain Coach team with any questions. Replies are typically sent within one business day. Email is the best way to ask any questions you have regarding the program, as well as getting technical assistance.

Back Pain Relief 4 Life has two Facebook pages. One is “Back Pain Relief 4 Life” with 1, 210 followers and counting. You can keep up to date with all the latest news and promotions regarding the program when you follow this page.

The second Facebook page is “My Back Pain Coach.” It has over 10,000 followers to date. However, there are fewer updates on this page.

You can follow Coach Ian on Instagram under the username “earthfit.” EarthFit is the name of his training facility in South Carolina. He also has his own self-named YouTube channel with both personal and training videos.

To help you stay motivated, a page with over 100 written and video testimonials are on the My Back Pain Coach website.

User Testimonials

The My Back Pain Coach Facebook page currently has over 10,800 followers. It’s 5-star rating is 3.6 out of 5. After reading some of the one and two star reviews, it’s easy to see that none of these people have actually done the Back Pain Relief 4 Life program or they refuse to explain their rating.

A lot of 5-star reviews come from self-proclaimed skeptics who grudgingly gave the program a chance because they had nowhere else to turn for help with their back pain. They quickly became back-pain-free believers in Ian and Coach Bojan’s pain relief method.

The My Back Pain Coach website has a long page full of reviews, some of which are also referred to in the promotional video. You can read and watch over 100 reviews of men and women of all ages and walks of life who have achieved relief from their back pain by using the Back Pain Relief 4 Life method.

Michelle had unsuccessfully seen several specialists for her back pain, and, as a yoga teacher, she was initially skeptical when she heard about Back Pain Relief 4 Life. After her first session, she felt stronger in her core and she said she felt her back open and relax in a way she had never experienced before.

Sue, a grandma of five, was unable to do everyday tasks because of back pain, including picking up things from the floor. After four weeks of the program, she has an easier time doing things she hasn’t been able to do in years!

Dr. Greenwalt ended up with back surgery over eight years ago. It left him feeling tight, weak, and in pain. Although he was skeptical about the program, he gave it a try and he has since gained mobility, strength, and confidence along with a reduction in his discomfort.

Dr. Tolbert is a surgeon who couldn’t even practice surgery anymore when he found the Back Pain Relief 4 Life method. After he began the program, he said his pain was immediately relieved. By the second day, he was able to return to his regular duties.

Jonolyn had a prescription of steroids waiting for her at the pharmacy. Instead, she decided to do the Back Pain Relief 4 Life exercises twice and never went to the pharmacy to pick up her medication.

After suffering from back pain for 50 years, John B. is not only pain free, but he’s able to hit the golf ball nearly 30 yards farther than he used to. It sounds like he’s finally able to enjoy his retirement!

There are many more stories like this. Sore and skeptical people who had tried almost everything to feel and move pain free, and as a last resort, gave Back Pain Relief 4 Life a chance. Now these once-skeptics are able to return to their regular lives again without back pain limiting them from the things they love to do.


Other User Testimonials

People that have done independent reviews of the Back Pain Relief 4 Life program tend to have the same reports. They approach the program with skepticism, but once they take a good look at it and try it out for themselves, they quickly become believers.

The one common complaint people tend to have about the program is the amount of material you need to get through before you actually get down on the floor and begin the exercises. Yes, there are two introductory videos and ten coaching videos, but they are all five minutes in length or less.

If someone has spent years suffering from back pain, it is worth it to take an hour listening to the provided instructions that will help you get faster relief from your back pain.

Ian Hart claims that the success rate for the Back Pain Relief 4 Life Program is 100%.

And if you’re not happy with the program for any reason, you are eligible for a full money refund within 60 days of purchase.

It should be said that this program is not appropriate for everyone with back pain. If you are unsure if you are healthy enough for this program, consult with your Doctor before attempting any of the exercises.

The one thing everyone agrees on is that Ian Hart and Coach Bojan are both well-educated and experienced trainers. Ian was running a fitness gym when Bojan came to him for a job. Ian himself had suffered from back pain for nearly ten years before Coach Bojan helped him out, and in doing so, brought much needed help and hope to back pain sufferers around the world.

Workout Phases Overview

Workout Program Phases Overview

The great thing about the Back Pain Relief 4 Life program is that you’re doing almost all of the exercises and stretches lying flat on your back. That might sound silly to some people, but if you’ve suffered from back pain for any length of time, you’ll know that the last thing you want to do is get up and move around.

There are no crazy exercises here. There are no movements that will cause you excessive pain. Yes, a few of the movements and stretches might cause a slight bit of discomfort at first, but by the end of the Level 1 video, you will already begin to feel better.

That’s the exciting thing about this program! The number of people who have found relief from their back pain after only one session! They haven’t been cured instantaneously. But they are well on their way to permanent relief from back pain.

This program is doable for everyone. And it only takes approximately an hour and a half out of your week if you do the sessions three times a week.

Workout Program Phase 1 – Level 1

Before you attempt the Level 1 video, be sure to watch the two introductory videos on the Getting Started page. This is the page you will see first after logging into the private member area.

The website is laid out for easy navigation. If you get confused, all you need is to scroll down to the green navigation area at the bottom of each page.

After you watch the introductory videos, you will be prompted to watch the ten coaching videos. Not all of them apply, but you will definitely want to watch videos 3, 5, and 10.

From there, you can check out the Frequently Asked Questions page which helps you understand muscle soreness versus muscle pain.

Next, check out the “Begin Your Day” bonus which includes both a beginner and advanced mobility routine.

Lastly, you will click onto the Level 1 page. Regardless of athletic ability, everyone begins with the Level 1 video.

You will always do the same eight exercises every session, three to four times a week. In fact you will do the same eight exercises in all three levels. However, the intensity (speed and range of motion) increases in Level 2 and again in Level 3.

If you find Level 1 challenging, start with the “Begin Your Day” video. “Begin Your Day” is an eleven minute, full body, mobility routine that will help you get your whole body moving. It is also the recommended warm up, before you do the Level 1 video. All the exercises in “Begin Your Day” are done in the standing position with the option of having a chair by your side for balance.

Once you have completed the Level 1 video three to four times a week, for at least three weeks, you have the option of moving on to Level 2.

Workout Program Phase 2 – Level 2

The Level 2 video takes the same eight exercises you have learned and repeated at least nine times in Level 1, and increases the intensity by asking you to move in a deeper range of motion. Don’t be surprised if you break a sweat in Level 2.

You will also find a link here to purchase the super strap if you’d like to speed up your results.

Ian Hart recommends that you do the Level 2 video three times a week for at least 2 to 3 weeks before moving on to Level 3.

Workout Program Phase 3 – Level 3

The Level 3 video in the Back Pain Relief 4 Life program picks up the intensity one more time.

You will be asked to give your maximum effort and range of motion. When you give intense focus on the muscles that you are working and move through the movements with control and purpose, you’ll be activating the maximum amount of muscles to get the best results possible.

In this video, Ian Hart pushes Coach Bojan hard, and you might think that it sounds like a real  gym workout! Level 3 is not easy, so take your time working through the Level 1 and Level 2 videos as instructed.


Money Back Guarantee

  • Money back guarantee available: Yes

Ian Hart offers an iron clad, 60 day full refund on his program Back Pain Relief 4 Life.

No matter what your reason, if you are unsatisfied with the Back Pain Relief 4 Life program you can email Ian and the Back Pain Relief team and ask for a refund. He promises to return 100% of your money. The only catch is that you need to contact them within 60 days of your initial purchase. You also need to advise them via email if you’re returning a hard copy of the program as well.

If you purchased a hardcopy of the book and DVD, return it via regular postal mail, complete with tracking number, to the address listed for My Back Pain Coach on the website under the menu tab “Shipping and Return Policy.” The price you paid for the program will be refunded in full. It does not appear to cover shipping and handling.

That being said, remember Ian’s claim that no one who has completed the program has ever opted for back surgery after.

Investing in Diet and Supplements

Monthly Subscription Program

  • Has Monthly Subscription Program: No


The Back Pain Relief 4 Life is not a workout plan. It does have the ability to change lives.

It’s eight core movements – six exercises and two stretches – have given thousands of people permanent relief from their back pain in less than half an hour a day. Although it is not a well-rounded exercise plan, you will strengthen your core. You’ll improve your posture and flexibility. You will help your body heal itself and you’ll begin to move naturally again with more confidence.

Each year, back pain negatively affects the everyday activities of approximately 25% of the working population. Over half of those employees are spending the majority of their time sitting at work. As more and more jobs are done sitting in front of a computer and our world overall is becoming more sedentary, it’s safe to say that back pain is on the rise.

Of those that look for help, 58% put money into medication, 54% into chiropractic care, and 48% into physical therapy. Fortunately, only 7% of those that initially developed back pain became chronic back pain sufferers.

So, what is the cost of back pain in America? We spend approximately 50 billion dollars on lower back pain treatment alone each year. Other costs that are indirectly caused by back pain such as lost wages, insurance, and impact on family life total 100 billion dollars.

One might begin to think that back pain is a money making industry. The medical and prescription drug fields are clearly making a profit off of our pain.

Compare that to the Back Pain Relief 4 Life program. The price tag for this program is only $37. It seems like a no-brainer to spend money on this guaranteed program when it’s less than the cost of a massage, a chiropractor visit, or an acupuncture session.

With hundreds of rave reviews, it’s easy to see why someone with back pain wouldn’t hesitate to try it out for 60 days before making an informed decision. With easy-to-follow videos that you can watch on any device, a printable booklet with instructions you can take with you wherever you go, and unlimited email support from the Back Pain Relief 4 Life team, this program seems almost too good to be true!

If you’ve spent over $37 in your lifetime in an attempt to end your back pain, don’t spend any more money on trying to find relief. Instead, buy this program.

Find out what others have learned with
My Back Pain Coach – Back Pain Relief 4 Life