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Our mission is simple: We want to connect you with the perfect workout plan to help you see results and transform your body.

We believe that exercise should be a part of daily life, no matter what kind of time you have or how much spending money is available. That’s why we work hard to maintain a collection of exercise programs perfect for everyone.

No gym membership? No time? No experience? It doesn’t matter. We do the hard part for you, researching the best workouts available for guaranteed success.

Every plan has been reviewed and evaluated to meet our high standards. The workouts have been created by industry experts with years of experience and education in physical fitness, nutrition and exercise physiology.

Our hand selected workouts provide a blend of opportunities that meld education with encouragement to help you improve lifestyle habits and see meaningful changes.

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Explore Our Top 10 all time Workouts

We spend hours researching, testing and evaluating each of the programs we recommend through our platform.
These programs are rated on hundreds of factors and compiled into this top 10 all-time workouts list.
Any of the below programs can help you get started on your own path to success.

Top Workout Categories – Find your perfect match

Have a goal?  We’ll help you reach it. Explore our top workout categories and find the right program for you.
Each category is specific to a different objective or opportunity, ensuring you have access to everything necessary to see the results you crave.

There’s a perfect category for everybody.

Muscle building workouts

Get ready to get ripped. Safely “bulk up”. Boost strength and muscle mass. Some men struggle to see gains with non-stop reps in the gym, but these specially-designed programs can help you reach your objectives – and exceed them. With training regimens that emphasize strength and sustainable muscle building, you’ll be able to achieve a physique you can be proud of.

Show Off Your Guns with these Top 3 rated Workouts

Fat burning workouts

If you’re tired of struggling with muffin tops, rolls or simply extra weight, it’s time to give your body the TLC it deserves. With programs designed to shed unwanted weight and create healthy habits, we’ll help you achieve – and maintain – your best body yet.

Say Goodbye to Extra Weight with these Top 3 Workouts

Transformation workouts

Not all workouts are about seeing huge gains – some are about transforming your body from head to toe. These workouts are designed to help you be your best self, from the way you exercise to the way you live. If you’ve ever wanted to change for the better, Top Workout Programs can pave a path to success.

Experience Whole-Body Transformation with these Top 3 Rated Workouts

Workouts for women

From improved strength to a tight, toned body, our collection of workouts for women is designed to help you accomplish your goals and achieve the bikini body of your dreams. Whether you have a lot of time to work out or a little, we’ll help you improve your body, mind and spirit with workouts just for you.

Your best Bikini Body is waiting with these Top 3 rated Workouts

Workouts for men

Whether you dream of washboard abs or bulging biceps, our collection of workouts for men is unique to a man’s body and fitness goals. From the benefits of extreme bodybuilding to the fundamentals of good health and fitness, you’ll learn the exercise secrets necessary to surpass everything you thought possible.

Build Muscles, Get Stronger with these Top 3 rated Workouts

Beginner workouts

Everyone has to start somewhere. If you’re new to working out or need a refresher before moving on to more intense training programs, our beginner collection can ease you into regular exercise, helping you improve your fitness abilities and build healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Top 3 rated Beginner Workouts for Healthy Fitness Foundations

I’ve tried a lot of fitness programs and most of them are all the same. The available workouts are one-of-a-kind, and I’ve never seen results so quickly. I love having all of the best workout programs in one easy spot! John R., Retired construction worker

I usually give up on fitness programs after a few days, but I’ve stuck with a program named yoga burn I found from Top Workout Programs for two months and I don’t plan on ever stopping. The results are amazing, and every workout is better than the last. Cindy S., College student

I joined and quit the gym about a dozen times since having my first child a few years ago and it’s never worked. I can’t find time to go, or I’m too embarrassed to stay. I just figured working out wasn’t for me. When I found this website, everything changed. I lost 15 pounds with my first program, and I can’t wait to see what happens next since there are so many to choose from. Jenn K., stay-at-home mom of three

I’ve always been kind of skinny, even when I was working out pretty regularly in college. Everything I’ve done to try to build muscle never really worked, so I thought it just wasn’t possible. MI40X completely changed my mind. In 12 weeks, I had serious muscle growth, muscles like I’ve never seen before. The collections available through Top Workout Programs are the only way I would’ve found this amazing workout. I’m a believer. Chris M., first-year law associate

Start a workout program designed for you and finish it

Maybe you’ve tried gym memberships, workout classes or at-home video programs to no avail – or maybe you’re too overwhelmed or intimidated by the number of fitness opportunities and haven’t tried anything. At Top Workout Programs, we’re here to change the status quo.

Top Workout Programs is the brainchild of fitness lovers who spent years struggling to find a plan that meets this criteria: safe, effective and guaranteed results. With so many video, audio and published options available with varying degrees of success, we were tired of bouncing from program to program, wasting time on one mediocre workout routine after another. So, we started our own review site that is growing into the premier collection of workouts on the web.

Find your workout planTop Workout Programs lays the groundwork for success by recommending workouts that can be done on your own time and wherever you want. And convenience plus preparation is one of the best formulas for ensuring a sweat session actually happens! To find that perfect fit, Top Workout Programs offers:

Start a plan and stick with it

Instead of giving you thousands of options to sift through, we focus on finding workouts that produce results. We know that not everyone has the same budget, fitness goals or spare time, so we seek programs that meet a diverse range of needs so everyone can find the right fit.

We take pride in our abilities and insider industry experience, providing a comprehensive list of workouts based solely on performance – not celebrity endorsements.

Instead of going blind into a workout program, our review pages are thorough and detailed, explaining everything you need to know. Plan pages include an overview of the workout as well as detailed information on factors like accessibility, gender focus, ideal age groups, accessories and workout equipment required, and even the phases of each workout.

We believe in your satisfaction, which is why we outline everything necessary before you buy. With Top Workout Programs, you can always make a decision with confidence, whether you’re a seasoned athlete or new to exercise.

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