Adonis Golden Ratio System Review

Workout designed by Kyle Leon & John Barban

The Adonis Golden Ratio System is an online workout program that provides you with three different 12-week systems. One of these systems will be selected for you, after you log into the online membership portal and type in your age, height, weight, and body measurements.

The three different plans are designed for either muscle gain, fat loss, or muscle gain combined with fat loss. Along with a 12-week training program for each of these three systems, you’ll also have the opportunity to customize your own 12-week meal plan. There is even an optional supplement regimen that is meant to accelerate your body’s transformation into that of the greek god of beauty and desire, Adonis.

The Adonis Golden Ratio, or AGR, is based on the premise that women are most attracted to men who have a very specific body shape. Beginning with your height, your ideal waist measurement is calculated with a specific ratio. From the size of your waist, your ideal shoulder measurement is calculated. This waist to shoulder ratio is known as the Adonis Golden Ratio. The goal is to get as close to that ratio as possible so you’re turning heads wherever you go.

  • Duration: 3-12 weeks
  • Frequency: 3-5 times per week
  • Total Cost:     
  •   Money Back Guarantee

Workout Program Achievements
Top 3 Achievements for Adonis Golden Ratio System

Fitness Goals:
  • Building Muscle
  • Fat Burning
  • Body Transformation
  • Gain Strength
  • Ab Focused
  • Core Fitness

Introducing the Adonis Golden Ratio System by Kyle Leon & John Barban

John Barban is the creator of AGR.

John holds several degrees, including a Masters in Human Biology. He did his graduate research in Exercise Physiology. He is also a Personal Trainer and a certified Kinesiologist who has worked in the dietary and sports supplement industry for over eight years. He has spent this time researching and developing sports and weight loss supplements.

The AGR is based on John’s own desire to get a lean, attractive body. You’ll know this is true when you see his before and after pictures. After years of trial and error, John finally figured out what he needed to focus on to get the exact body shape he was searching for: testosterone.

He found that testosterone is not only necessary to build lean muscle in all the right places, but it’s also essential to help a man lose unsightly belly fat. And that is how the Adonis Golden Ratio evolved.

When you purchase the AGR system, you will be given immediate access to all three plans.

Each of these systems includes a workout program, detailed nutrition plan and a supplement guide. You’ll also receive a software program that helps you customize meal plans that will work for you, based on your needs and preferences.

Inside every single workout, you’ll see that each of the exercises has a separate tutorial video for you to watch. You’ll also have access to additional videos by John Barban and his colleagues with information on muscle mass, fat loss, and much more.

So if you’re a man looking to boost your confidence with a beach body that’ll turn heads thanks to your muscular shoulders, six pack abs and narrow waist, you’re going to want to read more about the Adonis Golden Ratio program.


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Want your ideal body
Adonis Golden Ratio System can help

Program Duration

  • 3-12 weeks

The Adonis Golden Ratio, also known as AGR, is split up into three 12-week training programs. It also includes a 12-week nutrition plan and supplement guide.

Each of the training programs has a different goal. So if you want to lose fat, build muscle or lose fat and build muscle at the same time, there is the perfect 12-week program designed for your specific goals no matter what fitness level you’re starting out at.

After you enter your height, weight, and waist measurements, the AGR calculator will recommend which training, nutrition, and supplement track you should follow in order to create your best body shape.


  • Website

The Adonis Golden Ratio system can only be accessed online. There are no hardcopy versions available.

After you purchase AGR, you’ll be emailed your temporary username and password which will grant you instant access to the AGR online membership website. You’ll be able to access your programs and download the nutritional software that will help you track your results.

You can download and print off the training programs, grocery shopping lists, and meal plans for the 12-week program that best meets your goals. There is also an Adonis Golden Ratio app for both Apple and Android users.

If you are unsure about any of the exercises, you can view each separate workout online and click the specific exercise in question to view a brief video tutorial for each one.

With 3 training programs
You can have your best body shape

Gender Focus – Male

The Adonis Golden Ratio system has been designed specifically for men.

John Barban, the program’s creator, believes that testosterone is the magic switch that can help men lose fat and build muscle. In AGR, he educates men on the things they often do that can accelerate the loss of their natural testosterone levels that already begin to decline after the age of 30.

He also tells them what they can do to help boost their natural testosterone levels so they can start to lose fat and/or build muscle.

Age Group

  • => 20 years but
  • => 30 years but
  • => 40 years but

The Adonis Golden Ratio system is a program that works for all adult men.

Any man at any age or fitness level that wants to lose fat or increase their muscle mass will benefit from the testosterone-boosting effects of this program. They’ll also benefit from avoiding five foods men commonly eat that interfere with their natural testosterone levels.

Since guys naturally begin to experience declining testosterone levels after the age of 30, it is important that all men learn how to maximize their body’s ability to create testosterone.

Body Type (BMI) Fit

  • Under-Weight (Body Mass Index
  • Normal-Weight (Body Mass Index 18.5 to 24.9)
  • Over-Weight (Body Mass Index 25 to 29.9)

The Adonis Golden Ratio System is a program that can help men put on muscle and also increase their muscle mass to get that lean, beach body so many guys strive for.

The Body Mass Index takes your height and weight measurements and by using these two numbers, classifies you into one of five categories: underweight, healthy, overweight, obese, or extremely obese.

No matter where you fall on the BMI chart, whether you’re underweight, extremely obese, or somewhere in between, one of the three AGR programs will work for you.

Keep in mind that for men who are already naturally muscular and are focused on losing fat, their BMI may put them into the obese category.

Rather than focussing on the BMI, the AGR system provides you with an alternative measure – the Adonis Golden Ratio – which takes into consideration the width of your shoulders and your waist. It’s your waist measurement that is the best predictor of your health and testosterone levels.

Exercise Type(s)

  • Weights

The Adonis Golden Ratio System is based primarily on weight lifting exercises.

In each of the three tracks – muscle building, fat loss, and muscle building fat loss combined – the programs all revolve around weighted and bodyweight exercises such as squats, push ups, calf raises, and overhead presses. There are no cardio recommendations in the program.

Weight lifting exercises are crucial for gaining muscle size. The workouts in the muscle building track include multiple sets of exercises that target your entire body, especially the shoulders. Most men will appreciate wider shoulders when they’re trying to achieve the “Adonis Golden Ratio.” Wide shoulders help to make the waist look smaller.

Squats and deadlifts are also included, but with less emphasis than most other programs you’ll find that are designed for muscle building. The creator of this program believes that deadlifts increase waist size too much, giving someone who deadlifts frequently with heavy weights, a boxy, rectangular shape instead of a tightly tapered V-shape.

Approximately half of the workouts in the first month of the fat loss track include circuits of muscle building exercises. These circuits will increase your heart rate more significantly than doing regular sets, helping you achieve greater fat loss while preserving your valuable muscle.

Lastly, the workouts in the muscle building and fat loss combined track include lots of the usual weight lifting exercises for upper body, calves, and some legs.

You’ll also find some fun pyramid workouts in it as well.

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Learn how to have fun
With weights and squats

Fitness Goals

  • Building Muscle

  • Fat Burning

  • Body Transformation

  • Gain Strength

  • Ab Focused

  • Core Fitness

The key health and fitness goals the Adonis Golden Ratio system delivers is body transformation. It achieves this by building muscle, losing fat, or losing fat while simultaneously building – or at least maintaining – muscle.

The ultimate goal of the AGR is to create an ideal body shape that looks naturally strong and fit. Not bulky, heavy, and unnatural, but ripped, fit, and healthy.

Your ideal waist measurement is based on your height. The quintessential body shape is determined by the Adonis Golden – or waist to shoulder – ratio; your shoulders should be 1.6 times the measurement of your waist. And your ideal waist measurement is in specific relation to your height.

John Barban says that your waist circumference is directly related to your testosterone levels.

Too much fat often means insulin resistance, and research has shown that a high percent of body fat means increased insulin levels and lower testosterone levels. Without sufficient testosterone, you’ll have a hard time building muscle. Without muscle, your body will struggle to make sufficient testosterone.

The AGR system helps men lose fat and build muscle by providing a training program, a nutrition plan, and a supplement schedule that helps the body optimize its testosterone levels. It also teaches you what things can negatively impact your body’s natural testosterone production so you know which foods and exercises to avoid.

Single Vs Group

  • Alone

The Adonis Golden Ratio system is a workout program that is intended to be used alone. Since each exercise has a specific number of sets, reps, and timed rest periods, it would be easier to do the workouts on your own.

The benefit of having a training program that you can do by yourself, is that you can complete your workout when it suits you best. You don’t need to check schedules with anyone else or get to a gym for a specific time with a trainer.

Workout Location

  • Offered at Gym/Fitness Studio only

This program is designed with a gym membership holder in mind. If you do purchase equipment for a home gym, it will be costly.

The benefits of taking your workout to the gym is that it can save you money on having to buy and then store the equipment you need. Working out at the gym might also have fewer distractions. If you’re going to train, sometimes it’s easier to leave home and it’s problems for an hour or two.

Find out what your
Ideal body measurements are

Workout Equipment

  • Yes - equipment that needs set up and not portable

The equipment required for the Adonis Golden Ratio training program includes equipment that you’ll be able to find at most local gyms.

You’ll need:

  • dumbbells of various weights
  • a stability/exercise ball
  • benches, both flat and incline
  • a plyometric box
  • cable stacks for pulldowns, triceps extensions, bicep curls, and cable cross-overs
  • bars and weight plates
  • seated calf machine
  • parallel bars for dips
  • chin-up bar

If you’re looking to purchase this equipment for a home gym, it should be easy to find. There isn’t anything unusual required, but it would be expensive to build a home gym with everything you would need.

There aren’t any non-equipment substitutions or modifications for those who want to workout at home or while travelling. You’ll need access to a standard gym in order to complete each of the workouts as they are written.

Accessories (not required)

There are two accessories you will need for the Adonis Golden Ratio system.

Each week, you will need to weigh and measure yourself. You will input this information into the online AGR nutrition software to get your customized calories and macros for the week.

You will need an accurate scale to weigh yourself as well as a measuring tape to take your waist and shoulder measurements. There is a video showing how to correctly take your shoulder and waist measurements.


  • 3-5 times per week

Each of the three 12-week programs in the Adonis Golden Ratio system have different workout frequencies.

If your primary goal is muscle building, you’ll be working out five days a week.

If fat loss if your primary goal, you’ll be training four times a week.

If you’re looking to lose fat while maintaining or building muscle, most weeks have four workouts written in. Four weeks out of the twelve will only have three workouts.

There is no workout calendar given, but each of the daily workouts are unique. You will need to do the workouts in the order given. It is up to you when you take your rest days.

Worried about getting bored
You won’t with the different phases


  • Follow required program regime strictly to get results

The Adonis Golden Ratio system is a very structured 12-week program.

Each meal and workout is written out for you in detail. The supplement advice included suggests having a pre-workout drink, this can help you give the workouts your best efforts. Half-hearted workouts won’t give you body transforming results.

The nutrition plan includes some flexibility.

John Barban has some great advice in the nutrition plans. He makes sure you know exactly where you have wiggle room and where you don’t. The nutrition regime in the AGR system does a great job in helping set you up for lifelong nutrition habits so you can maintain your results.


The Adonis Golden Ratio system requires all users to start with the same workouts in the training program that are best suited for their goals.

All of the workouts in each 12-week system are very specific. No modifications can be made other than being able to choose the weight you use, whether you need to start off your bicep curls with a pair of 15 pound dumbbells  or a 40 pound pair.

This makes it a good workout for both beginners and more advanced users.

Optimal Diet Options

  • Diet changes required: Yes

The Adonis Golden Ratio system has three general nutrition plans that are specific for the user’s goals – either muscle building, fat loss, or muscle building and fat loss combined.

Within these three guides, you are given three specific 12-week meal plans that will work for the specific calorie range you fall into. For example, if you fall into the Fat Loss track, there are three meals plans; one in the 1800-2200 calorie range, one in the 2200-2500 calorie range, and one in the 2400-2700 range. No more guessing as to what you should eat – all the work is done for you.

When you open up each meal plan, you’ll find a complete grocery shopping list for each of the 12 weeks.

Each week is broken down with meals carefully itemized. Every meal is broken down to include approximately how many calories it is and what servings of proteins, carbs, and fats you will be consuming. Recipes are also included for each meal.

You will be given a substitution list for each protein, carb, and fat serving. There is a 7 minute video where John Barban walks you through how to read the meal plans and use the substitutions. He will assure you that you will be able to pick your favorite meals from each plan, and make them work for you.

The meals use whole foods. You will be consuming a lot of vegetables, some fruit, plenty of protein, and some healthy fats. Processed foods are kept to a minimum, for you to use at your discretion.

As far as eating out goes, John Barban suggests that you do the best you can, acknowledging that meals for work and social occasions are an important part of building relationships. You do not need to refuse to eat at them. Just do the best you can with the choices you are given then make up for it the next day.


  • Supplements Required: Yes

The Adonis Golden Ratio system recommends two or three supplements, depending on which of the 12-week programs you choose.

For all three programs, it is recommended that you take the following two supplements:

V-taper Solution – Designed by John Barban himself, this supplement will help to naturally boost your testosterone levels. Testosterone can help with muscle size gains, strength gains, and help you recover faster. Testosterone will also improve the quality of your sleep, balance your hormones, and minimize the risks of overtraining.

 Pre-workout – Your workout requires your complete focus and your effort. Half-hearted gym workouts aren’t going to help you achieve your goals. A pre-workout drink contains nootropics like caffeine which have been proven to increase your mental alertness. They’ll also help you last longer in your workout by increasing your strength endurance and enhancing blood flow to your muscles.

The Muscle Gain 12-week program – includes one more supplement, creatine. You can take creatine either in powder or capsule form. Creatine is a great supplement that helps build muscle. It does this by drawing water into the cell, thereby improving a muscle’s strength and endurance so you’ll be able to lift more weight for longer periods of time without tiring out.

A well hydrated cell is able to grow much faster than a dehydrated cell. Take note that when you begin to take creatine, it’s common to see your weight on the scale go up. That is simply because your cells have more water in them.

Supplement Brand

  • Supplements Brands Recommended: Yes

Only one supplement brand is recommended and that is for the product John Barban created himself. There is a direct link to purchase the V-taper testosterone supplement in the Adonis Golden Ratio system in the program.

When it comes to creatine and preworkout, the other supplements recommended for the AGR system, no specific brands are recommended. You can choose creatine in a powder or in capsule form.

As for the pre-workout drink, a list of ingredients can be found in the supplement guide.

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Workout Program Support

If you require any help after purchasing the Adonis Golden Ratio system either with billing, tech support or troubleshooting, email the Adonis support team. The AGR website has a page where you can email them directly.

After purchasing the program, you will receive the AGR newsletter via email. It will keep you up to date as to the happenings in the the AGR community.

Other free sources of support include the Adonis Golden Ratio Facebook page which has over 14,000 likes and followers.

The Adonis Golden Ratio system has it’s own online community called “Immersion.” With your AGR purchase, you’ll receive a 30 day free trial if you sign up for Immersion within 7 days of purchasing the AGR system. The community consists of weekly coaching calls, additional workouts, and everything you need to know to accelerate your results. After the 30 day trial, access to the community costs $79 a month.

If you are willing to pay for extra support, another option is to sign up for the individualized coaching program.

The AGR creator realizes that a body transformation requires more than just the physical work in the gym and what you eat. A coach can help you out with the mental changes you’ll need to undergo in order to stick with the program so you can see your best results.

User Testimonials

The AGR system has plenty of before and after pictures.

First, take a look at the creator of the Adonis Golden Ratio system, John Barban himself. It’s clear that John has gone through a significant body transformation going from flabby to muscular. His former soft belly is now chiselled six pack abs with strong sculpted shoulders, John Barban definitely looks like a coach you want to listen to.

Next is Jason. Jason’s gone through two Adonis Transformation Competitions and is now a coach for hire. He knows the struggles of achieving lasting body transformation and he is available to help keep you motivated.

Rich is another AGR success story highlighted on the Adonis website. He says that the AGR program has simplified his life. Before doing AGR, he thought he needed to spend hours in the gym and cut calories forever. But by doing the program, he got the lean body he wanted and became a role model for others in his life.

Common phrases you hear in customer testimonials include:

  • It’s a doable plan.
  • You learn real life skills in this program.
  • It’s boosted my confidence. I’m no longer embarrassed.
  • It makes sense.
  • No extreme or rigid rules.

Many of the AGR success stories come from men who have tried several different programs in the past. Then, with the help of the AGR community or an AGR coach, they learned how to create a sustainable fitness and eating plan so they could maintain their results without having to spend hours in the gym.


Other User Testimonials

There are both positive and negative reviews of the Adonis Golden Ratio system.

First of all, you need to realize that the AGR program has been designed to help men attain a certain look. This program isn’t meant to improve your athletic fitness or strength. It’s about putting on muscle and trimming away fat in all the right places so that you can create an aesthetically pleasing look that is known to attract women.

The pros of this program begin with how relatively easy it is to put on muscle.

Yes, the AGR system has helped men gain significant muscle on their upper bodies.

The users who have bought the AGR system for the purpose of creating an Adonis god look, the one found to be the most appealing to women, have not been disappointed. The request for the money back rate is extremely low.

Secondly, John Barban is a respected name in the health and fitness industry. He has the education and body to back his product. He bases his programs on science and real results.

Some online folks don’t like that the AGR program doesn’t include a lot of lower body workouts. Yes, there are leg days included in each of the three systems, but you will not be pulling any big powerlifting numbers in this program. Your legs may not grow in size all that much, but you will still be getting a well-rounded leg workout.

One argument claims that there are no deadlifts in the program. The sales page does say that heavy deadlifts do have a tendency to grow your waist size, however, deadlifts are still included in the Adonis Golden Ratio system.

Again, this is not a hardcore bodybuilding program. This is not a program for powerlifters. This is not a program for someone who wants to jump farther, run faster, or do more chin-ups. This program is all about creating a specific body shape, one that is proven to appeal to women.

Workout Phases Overview

If you watch the video on the Adonis Golden Ratio sales page, you are told that there are four unique phases in the AGR system. Just to clarify, this does not refer to four workout phases nor does it refer to the three different programs (muscle building, fat loss, or muscle building and fat loss combined) within the AGR system.

The four phases AGR is referring to include tailored nutrition, a personalized workout program, community and mobile support, and advanced customization.

Within each of the three different programs available in the Adonis Golden Ratio system, you will not have different training phases. What you do have are three different 12-week training programs with three unique nutrition plans that will address one of three goals: muscle building, fat loss, or a combination of muscle building together with fat loss.

Let’s take a look at each of the training programs separately followed by a closer look at the nutrition plans.

Muscle Gain Program

The training program for the AGR muscle gain program includes a five day a week training program. For the first five weeks, you will be training different body parts with specific sets, reps, and rest periods.

During weeks six through eight, those sets, reps, and rest periods change. During week nine, some of the exercises change, as well as the reps and sets. Overall though, the exercises remain largely the same.

Fat Loss Focus

During the first four weeks of workouts for the AGR fat loss program, you’ll be performing two full body weight circuits a week, plus two other body split workouts for a total of four training days each week. The circuit workouts each contain five groups of three bodyweight or weighted exercises for fast fat loss. The other workouts each contain 7 to 9 exercises.

From week five to the end of week 12, you’ll do more body split style of workouts. There is usually one full body workout a week followed by three workouts with the focus being on either the arms, calves, upper or lower body.

Muscle Building & Fat Loss Combined

Weeks one to four and seven to eight of the combined muscle building fat loss program consist of standard weight lifting workouts. You’ll have four workouts a week that either focus on biceps and shoulders, legs, triceps and chest, or calves and back.

Weeks five, six, eleven, and twelve contain three workouts a week. Each workout contains four to six specific exercises, this time in pyramids and reverse pyramids.

Nutrition Programs

Each of the three subprograms in the Adonis Golden Ratio system has it’s own specific nutrition guidelines. Overall, the goal is to teach you how to eat in a way that you can stick with forever.

Within all three programs, you’ll learn the seven core principles that are imperative for long term healthy eating that will support your new body. By following the core principles, you are almost guaranteed body transforming results.

AGR has a unique view on calories and social eating events. Rather than focusing on your daily caloric counts, AGR believes it’s better to measure your caloric intake over a week. And when it comes to social events, they recognize that food is something we bond over. They also teach you how you can incorporate eating at social events into your diet plan.

The nutrition manual in the Fat Loss program explains the concept of Reverse Taper dieting. In it, John Barban explains how and why you should start off in a calorie deficit and gradually transition into a high calorie, maintenance place as you reach your goals.


The testosterone boosting supplement dosage will vary over the course of the program. You will gradually cycle up to the maximum amount of testosterone boosters and then taper off by the end of the program.

Since it contains caffeine and other nootropics that can affect some people’s bodies, the pre-workout supplement will be something you gradually increase over time as well. As for Creatine, your intake will depend on whether or not you workout that day.


Money Back Guarantee

  • Money back guarantee available: Yes

The Adonis Golden Ratio provides you with a 100% money back guarantee. If, for any reason, you are not happy with any of the three programs or you don’t see tremendous results you have 60 days to request a refund.

To ask for a full refund, you can email the support team at Adonis Golden Ratio, call their toll free number, or go through the online financial retailer, ClickBank.

The refund request rate is extremely low for the AGR program, so if you’re a man looking to improve your appearance, go check out the Adonis Golden Ratio today.

Investing in Diet and Supplements

No matter which of three programs you end up using with the Adonis Golden Ratio system, you will be making an investment in your health. While the program centres around appearance, you will still be learning smart eating habits and practicing fitness skills.

Your grocery bill may rise slightly and the supplement costs may be more than you’re paying now, but getting a sexy, strong-looking body will be your lifelong reward.

Monthly Subscription Program

  • Has Monthly Subscription Program: No

There is no recurring monthly subscriptions cost if you buy the Adonis Golden Ratio program on it’s own.

However, if you want to take full advantage of the AGR system, consider purchasing a monthly membership for the invaluable Immersion online community where you’ll get more workouts, education, and motivation from like-minded men.


For only $37 USD, you can pick up the 12-week Adonis Golden Ratio system. In it, you’ll get not one but three 12-week programs that you will be able to customize for your goals.

Whether you want to pack on muscle or drop significant belly fat or do both at the same time, one of the AGR systems can help you uncover the body you’ve always wanted.

Depending on your specific goals, you’ll get either four or five intense weight lifting workouts each week; a customized meal plan based on your specific nutritional needs with solid advice on how to eat for the rest of your life; and an optional supplement regime meant to accelerate your body transformation results.

Also included in the AGR system is the bonus, “7 Days Out,” which is designed to get you into prime aesthetic shape for special events in only seven days!

Although the Adonis Golden Ratio is not completely focussed on fitness, it is a well-rounded program. What we like most about it is the approach to lifelong healthy eating. Even if you don’t end up taking the Fat Loss route, read what John Barban has to say about dieting. We guarantee you’ll learn something new and valuable.

What the program could do more of is talk about how you can incorporate other activities you might like into it. For example, if you really loved to run, how would that impact your results? Or wouldn’t it? Since AGR doesn’t include any cardio in it, it might mean that an increase in cardio may increase your hunger levels, but then how should you eat for that?

What impresses us about the Adonis Golden Ratio is the creator, John Barban.

The man has a lot of education and experience when it comes to fitness, healthy eating, fat loss, supplements, and hormones, both for men and for women. John seems to take delight in examining the science behind long held beliefs and occasionally, ripping those beliefs to shreds. If you want to know more about what he thinks, check out his blog at

So if you’re looking to turn heads at the beach this upcoming summer, go pick up your own copy of the Adonis Golden Ratio system. Even if it’s fall, the things you will learn in this program will help you get lean and, best of all, stay lean twelve months of the year without ruining your social life.

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