Top Fat Burning Workout Plans Rated and Reviewed by Expert Trainers and PhysiciansTop Fat Burning Workout Plans Rated and Reviewed by Expert Trainers and Physicians

Fat Burning Workout Plans The Complete List Rated and Reviewed

With so many plans promising to burn fat, it can be almost impossible for you to separate the ones that actually work from the potential scams. Some  even guarantee that you will start seeing results after the first few days. While this may sound appealing it should be noted that not only are most of these guarantees false, it can actually be detrimental to your health. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get results from a fat burning workout program, only that you need to be careful on which one you choose. That is why this guide has listed the top fat burning workout plans so you can choose one that not only fits your needs, but it also safe and effective.

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Editor’s choice: The Curve Ball Effect

4 to 12 Week Fat Burning Workout Plans

Fat burning workout plans that are designed to be completed over 4, 6, 8 or even 12 weeks often provide the best results that usually last.

This is because most call for a complete lifestyle change, and once you get used to it you are more likely to stick with it. This means that along with exercising regularly, your eating habits will also change.

Beginners often find success with these types of timed workouts, simply because they often start out at a low intensity level slowly building as your body gets used to the demands of the exercises.

If you are looking to burn fat on your top and lower body, these fitness plans are often the best choice for you. Adding to their benefits is the fact that many are designed for men and women of all ages, and this includes factoring in necessary calories compared to average metabolism.

This way all of the guessing is taken out of planning your daily diet so you can concentrate on making it through the daily workouts.

Top 10 Fat Burning Workout Plans

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4 Day Fat Burning Exercises

Even though you won’t see noticeable results after just a few days, there are exercises that you can add that will help you burn fat at a faster rate.

These short 4 day programs are generally comprised of fast paced high intensity cardio exercises that can speed up your metabolism and help you get over plateaus. Commonly referred to as HIIT workouts each day you will train a different part of your body.

The best part about this type of fat burning workout program is that you can combine it with another plan or by itself.

Since this is a high intensity workout plan it might not be the best choice for beginners and you will definitely want to speak to your health care advisor before you start these advanced fat burning exercises.

Our editor’s choice for this Workout ProgramOur experts are constantly searching for the best Workouts out there. Here is our editor’s Workout of choice for the Fat Burning Workout Plans

The Curve Ball Effect

Workout designed by Dr. Kathryn Harney
  • Duration:
  • Frequency: 3-5 times per week
  • Total Cost:     
  •   Money Back Guarantee

Fitness Goals:

  • Building Muscle
  • Fat Burning
  • Gain Strength

Full Body Weight Loss Workouts

There are several types of workouts for you to choose from, and one is not necessarily better than the other.

What you do want to look for in full body workout to burn fat and lose weight are the types of exercises that are included with the plan. For example you don’t want to pick one that concentrates mainly on your arms and abs, if you are also worried about stubborn fat pockets on your thighs.

When it comes to the equipment you’ll need you can find workout plans that require the use of resistance bands and dumbbells, while other programs will have you take advantage of your own body weight.

Both types of fitness plans can be equally effective as long as you perform each set of exercises properly. Along with strength training exercises, which will help you tone muscles and burn fat, the workout plan should also include a full cardio routine.

If you are serious about losing a large amount of weight or only a few pounds, many people find that they get the best results when they pick one that comes with a detailed meal and nutritional guide. This can be especially helpful for beginners who might be lacking important nutrients in their current diets.

While you do want to cut down on fat and calories, you don’t want to eliminate necessary vitamins and minerals that will give you the energy you need to make it through the occasional grueling workout.

Fat Burning Workouts for Men

The main difference between fat burning workouts for men and women is simply the type of exercises generally included with the program, along with the meal plan.

Guys do require a higher number of calories than women, but otherwise the programs are usually the same. Women who want to perform the same workouts as men can easily adjust the caloric count in the meal plans, and many programs come with a convenient tool that makes it simple to convert the recommended diet to fit your weight, height and gender.

Men often focus more on upper body strength, while women typically want to work on their stomach, thighs and arms. This does not mean that you won’t be required to do squats and lunges, but there will be more weight and strength training.

For most guys this is exactly what they want, especially if their goal is to burn fat and gain muscle mass. The one area where men and women’s fat burning workouts should remain the same is that both should include plenty of cardio.

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The Curve Ball Effect

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Fat Burning Workout Routines for Women

Even though there really isn’t a reason women can’t do the same workout routines as men, there are plenty of programs that are designed just for girls.

Whether you are looking to burn fat over 50 or are having issues with your weight due to too much junk food at college, there is a workout plan that can seem like it was designed just for you.

Women’s workout plans tend to concentrate on the upper and lower body. This is partially due to the fact that the majority of women are looking to tone and burn fat from their thighs, stomach and arms.

There will still be strength and weight training involved, along with plenty of cardio workouts. Crunches and side planks are also common, especially since these exercises work on burning fat and help tone ab and core muscles.

To ensure your success, especially if you are a beginner you might want to look for one that comes with a handy nutritional and meal planning guide.

In order to burn fat, lose weight and tone muscles you also need to make significant changes to your diet.

Some workouts also come with a convenient chart that will help you calculate how many calories you need to consume in a day. This way you have a little more freedom over what you eat, while still staying within your daily caloric limit.

Fat Burning Workout Plans for the Gym

You can easily find fat burning plans for the gym, and they often come with several advantages.

The first is that you have access to all of the equipment you will ever need, along with experienced trainers on hand and an amazing support system.

Since many workout programs are circuit based, especially if strength training is involved, the gym makes it easy for you to move on to the next machine without having to give it a lot of thought.

Most gyms have their equipment arranged with circuit training in mind, which is also an advantage for beginners who are still trying to figure which one they need to use next.

The workouts are often cardio based, and the gym also offers you a wide variety of exercises and classes to choose from. You can find everything from low and high intensity aerobics to dance and even some martial arts training.

If you are trying to build muscle and burn fat, the gym offers several weight and strength training machines.

The main drawback is the simple fact that there will be membership fees. The cost will vary, but when it is added in with your other expenses it might be more than you can comfortably afford.

The other downside is the fact that you will be exercising in front of others. While this doesn’t bother some people, others are a little uncomfortable sweating and gasping in front of strangers.


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These workouts can be safely done by almost anyone that wants to lose weight and tone their bodies.

It is recommended that you first speak with your primary health care provider before you start any workout program, and this is especially true for individuals that have preexisting health conditions.

There are several programs to choose from, at varying levels of intensity, and your physician will make sure that the one you pick is right for you.

The answer to this question is “yes”.

It should be noted that these plans also require plenty of self-control and motivation, and might not always be the best choice when you are just starting out.

Part of most top rated fat burning workouts include making changes to your daily diet, and this is often where beginners run into problems. It can be hard to give up certain foods and some home fat burning workout programs do not come with the support you might need.

You can find fat burning workout plans for home that come with access to an online community, and this can help provide you with the support and motivation you need to succeed.

Both fat burning and cardio workouts can help you lose weight and tone muscles. Some of the top rated fat burning workouts include plenty of cardio exercises in their programs.

Not only does this help improve your overall health, cardio workouts also burn calories and fat. If you want to get the best results look for a fat burning workout that includes at least 20 minutes of cardio.

There are workout plans for beginners, and this is often the best place to start. These  programs generally start off at a low intensity level, and will also encourage you to start making healthy changes to your daily diet.

As you progress through the program the workouts will increase in intensity, and by the time you have finished the plan you will notice a difference in your body’s appearance.

You do want to choose a workout plan that comes with a detailed exercise and nutritional guide.

If you are worried that a fat burning workout program might not be safe for you the best advice is to speak with your primary health care provider.

There are also a few ways you can tell if the workout plan is safe and effective.

You will want to see if the exercise and diet routine has been rated and reviewed by experienced trainers, along with licensed therapists and medical experts. Reviews by other clients can also help you decide if the fat burning working plan is safe and effective.

There are several workout programs that are designed for the gym. This can be especially true if you are trying to burn fat while also building muscle.

There are a few advantages of a gym based workout plan, you have access to unlimited equipment and experienced trainers which can be extremely helpful when you are trying to reach your fitness goals.

You also will get plenty of support at the gym, and sometimes this is all you need to stick with your fitness program.

You can find several effective routines for free. YouTube and other online sites have a variety of exercise routines and healthy meal guides posted for viewers to take advantage of.

You can also take advantage of the books located in the “diet and health” section of your library.

It is possible to burn fat, tone muscles and lose weight without having to pay for expensive workout routines.

Fat burning plans always work better when you make healthy changes to your diet. In order to burn fat you must consume fewer calories than you are using, and for some people they find that it is easier if their workout program also comes with a structured diet.

You can also find several online sites that list various low fat foods and recipe ideas, and your primary care physician or a licensed nutritionist can help you make healthy meal choices.

Chances are when you are researching workouts you’ve seen the routines created by Gilad.

He is an experienced trainer and has created several systems that have proven to help people lose weight, improve their health and burn fat.

His programs are also relatively easy to follow, though the workouts will push you to your limits. The main downside of Gilad’s workout plans is the cost, they are often priced higher than others that can provide the same results.

Combining weight training and cardio exercises in your workout routine will burn fat and build muscle, especially if it is combined with a healthy low calorie high protein diet.

When your body has used up all of the calories during the workout it will start burning the stored fat for energy, this will give you a leaner shape and more defined muscles.

Adding weight training to the routine will help grow and build muscle mass.

You can find several workout plans to burn fat that don’t require the use of equipment.

These inexpensive workout routines are perfect for health conscious consumers on a budget.

If you are worried about how you are going to accomplish strength training you can use your own body weight, and there are workout plans that will walk you through these exercises.

You can also find fitness routines that incorporate the use of everyday household items so you can still benefit from some equipment based exercises without having to purchase expensive machines.

Unless your physician has recommended against it, a fat burning workout can and will improve your health.

Excess fat can cause serious health problems that affect your quality of life. High cholesterol levels, diabetes, sore or swollen joints, along with heart disease are only a few of the conditions that can be a result of carrying around excess fat.

Since most of these workout routines include plenty of cardio exercise you get the benefit of heart healthy and fat burning exercises in one fitness plan.

HIIT training can provide you with faster results, but before you attempt any accelerated workout program it is always best to speak with a health care professional.

A HIIT workout routine combines high and low intensity cardio exercises that have proven to provide faster results in some people.

It is important to note that in order to achieve results in a shorter period of time you also have to make significant changes to your diet. This alone can make these workout programs difficult to follow, especially for beginners.

In most cases you won’t need to take supplements with a fat burning workout, but this will depend on the individual.

Since the goal is to lose weight, burn fat and tone muscles not “bulk up”, protein based supplements are usually not recommended.

If you are not getting the micro and macronutrients you need your primary health care provider may recommend adding a multi-vitamin supplement to your daily diet.

With the combination of the right exercises and a healthy eating plan a fat burning workout can give you a “bikini body”. It is important to remember that you won’t see results overnight, especially if this is your first time working out.

Along with eating foods that are low in fat, you want to make sure that the program includes plenty of cardio exercises. This will not only burn fat, but also keep your metabolism up throughout the day.

When your metabolism is raised your body will continue to burn calories and stored fat throughout the day, and when this is combined with your daily workout routine you can get a body you will feel confident showing off in your new bikini.

Not all fat burning workouts are created the same, which is why we have these plans rated and reviewed by experienced trainers and qualified medical pros.

We want to help you choose a fat burning workout plan that is safe, effective and capable of helping you achieve the results that you want.

You can also take advantage of the comments and reviews provided by other users which will help you understand the differences between the various fitness plans.

The answer to this question will depend on your physical shape and health. 

If you are already in relatively good shape with a low BMI (body mass index) you can probably start off with a fitness program that is designed specifically for body builders.

It should be noted that these workout plans often include the same exercises and dietary recommendations as ones that are designed to burn fat and calories.

The main difference will be that when you are trying to build muscle without gaining fat the workout plan will often recommend the addition of a protein supplement, along with plenty of strength and weight training.  

Thankfully there are plenty of fat burning workout plans with diets that are easy to follow.

You will want to stay away from the programs that are geared for intermediate or advanced users since the directions included with these fitness plans are often limited.

Fat burning workout routines for beginners are usually easy to follow, and this includes the diets and meal plans.

If you are looking for a workout plan that will burn fat and comes with easy to perform exercises, you might want to rethink your fitness goals.

In order to burn fat you will need to push yourself to your limits, and this means that the exercises and routines will leave you hot, sweaty and occasionally exhausted.

Some of the exercises in a fat burning workout plan can be confusing, especially when terms like “side plank” or “dumbbell flies” are used.

Even when the exercise is described in detail it can still be difficult to figure out the correct pose, which is why pictures are helpful.

Most of the top fat burning workout plans come with pamphlets or convenient e-guides. These often include several pictures so you can perform the workout routines correctly and safely.

There are several places where you can find top rated workout plans.

Your primary health care provider can recommend some, along with trainers at the local gym. Friends and family can also suggest fat burning workout programs that have worked for them, and the internet can be an invaluable resource tool.

At Top Workout Programs we have the best fat burning plans rated and reviewed by experienced trainers and licensed fitness experts so you can confidently choose a fitness program that will work for you.

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The Curve Ball Effect

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