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Each workout routine is rated and reviewed by experienced fitness trainers and medical experts, with both the negatives and positives highlighted. This way you can form your own opinion on whether the program is right for you.

The exercise and fitness plans are also compared so you have a better understanding of why a certain program might bring about the desired results for one user and not for another. This also makes it a little easier for you to stay within your budget since often the highest priced programs are not always the best. With the ability to compare pricing and proven results, getting and staying fit and healthy has never been so easy or affordable.

The workout programs do not only include daily exercises that are designed to help you reach a specific fitness goal, but also comprehensive meal plans and easy to make nutritious recipes. Since many of the reviewed and rated programs also focus on portion size people looking to lose weight and keep it off typically experience long lasting success.

With the best workout programs for both men and women which are rated, reviewed and categorized by niche, you will be able to create a workout schedule that you will want to stick with.

Workout plans for men

When it comes to working out not all men are looking for the same results. Age often determines fitness goals, along with other factors. Injures, new and old, will play a role in choosing a workout routine and how much time you can realistically put into the daily exercises all need to be considered.

Whether you are trying to “bulk up” or just enjoy the challenge of a grueling workout, we can help recommend an effective program. Our well qualified reviewers clearly outline every aspect of the plan so you will know if it is the best home workout program for you.

Find an exercise plan that will help you strengthen and tone your core or if body weight is a constant struggle we can help recommend a program that will effectively burn fat and calories.

Some of these fitness plans will even teach you how to prepare healthy and nutritious snacks and meals so you can continue to keep the excess weight off. If building muscle and upper body strength is your goal, we can also recommend a plan that will help you “bulk up” safely.

Since the exercise plans are already rate and reviewed you will be able to get a general idea of how the program is setup, and whether it will be able to help you meet your fitness goals. You will even be able to find comparable plans so you will also be able to stay within your budget.

Workout plans for women

Ever since fitness and exercise programs first became popular there has been an ongoing debate over whether women should have a different workout routine than men. Some medical experts and experienced trainers say “yes” due to the natural differences between men and women, while others suggest that it doesn’t really matter.

Before starting any new exercise plan it is always recommended that you first seek advice from your health care provider. If the fitness routine is done correctly, you can often get fantastic results from a program that might have been originally marketed for men.

You can tone and strengthen your core and upper body muscles with many of these workout programs, which is often good news for women over 50 and those struggling to regain their shape after pregnancy.

You can also find exercise and eating plans that will help reduce stubborn belly fat, along with the appearance of cellulite. Even though you should feel comfortable with your body trying to improve your health is always recommended, and it often comes with surprising and pleasant results.

The workout programs are rated and reviewed by qualified experts, and best of all you can often find comparisons. These plans will give you the same results, often at a more affordable price. This makes it easier for you to find the best workout programs to meet your individual needs.

As an added bonus, the inclusion of healthy recipes and eating tips will ensure you are getting the nutrition you need without the extra fat and calories.

Not all workout plans are the same. These are geared for women and your specific fitness goals.

Muscle building workout plans to get ripped

There are several reasons why men and women want to build and tone their various muscles. It can help prevent injuries, aid in healing, improve strength and your overall appearance. While supplements both natural and synthetic were and are still popular they are not always safe for everyone to take. The results from supplements are also largely unproven, especially for the long term.

The right muscle building workout plan can give you the results that you want. Whether you are looking to build upper body strength, tone muscles that might be starting to sag due to age, or just improve your overall appearance we can recommend an exercise plan that has been rated and reviewed by qualified trainers and physical fitness experts.

Since these workout programs have been reviewed by experienced health and fitness professionals you can rest assure if the exercise plan is performed properly your chances of safely achieving the results that you want are dramatically improved.

Videos and guides will walk you through each of the exercises, and in most cases the programs also come with nutritional and surprisingly delicious meal plans. Building healthy strong muscles takes time, but if you choose to follow a program that we recommend you will start to see results that will last.

Since there are fitness and exercise plans designed to work and tone all or specific muscle groups you will be able to find the right one that will target your problem area or improve all over body strength. You will even be able to compare some of the more popular plans with lesser known ones that are able to provide you with the same proven results, only at a much more affordable price.

Fat burning workouts for weight loss

At some point in almost everyone’s life excess fat and calories is a problem. The problem area on a person’s body can vary based on gender, age and life experiences, but whether you are a man or a woman chances are you don’t want to keep carrying the extra fat around. Not only can stubborn fat cause you to feel subconscious and even hate certain parts of your body, it can also have a detrimental effect on your overall health.

At Top Workout Programs we understand that everyone is different. This is why we strive to ensure the fitness plan that we recommend will help you meet your unique goal.

Whether you are trying to burn excess fat around your abdomen and thighs after pregnancy or you’ve reached the milestone birthday of 50 and want to get back into shape so you can continue to enjoy life to the fullest, there are workout routines for weight loss that will seem like it was created just for you.

Each plan is carefully rated and reviewed by experienced trainers and qualified physical therapists. See the pros and cons of each recommended program before starting out, and read what other users are saying.

Since comparisons between programs can also be found, you might even be able to find a plan that will help you burn fat without having to spend a lot of money.

Before you start any fat burning work out plan it is always important to speak with your health care advisor, especially if you are already dealing with illness or injury.

Transformation workouts

It is important to always have realistic expectations before you start any fitness plan. Even the best workout program won’t be able to completely transform your body, no matter how hard or long you exercise. Before you answer our brief questionnaire and indicate that you are looking for an effective transformation workout program it is important that you understand exactly what these fitness programs are designed to do.

A transformation workout typically starts out relatively easy, gradually becoming more rigorous as your body begins to get used to the exercises. Not only does this help to prevent injury, it can also ensure that you stick with the program and get long lasting results.

These full body workout routines can firm and tone your core, along with lift buttocks that can sag with age. Thighs can appear more muscular, and calf muscles more defined. Skin that commonly sags under arms can also be toned and tightened, which is always good news for those looking to get fit over 50.

Waistlines in women and men can also shrink as core strength begins to improve.

What it is important to understand is that these results are not instantaneous and if you want them to last you will need to stick with the program you choose. While we can recommend the transformation workout, we can’t do the actual exercises for you.

Before you start any fitness program no matter which part of your body you are trying to transform, it is always a good idea to first speak with a health care professional.

Not everyone is happy with the way their body looks but these workouts can help you feel confident about your appearance from your legs to abs and arms. Transform your body today.

Beginner workouts

Just because a workout routine is geared for beginners doesn’t mean that it won’t be capable of helping you meet and exceed your fitness goals. It does mean that you will probably need a few more instructions and guides, but overall the exercises and meal plans are basically the same.

Even free workout plans designed for beginners are created to be relatively easy to follow, and they can also be a great choice if you are recovering from an injury or are over the age of 50.

The best workout routines for beginners will start off slow and easy. While this might not seem like it is producing any noticeable results, you might be pleasantly surprised. As each day and week passes you should notice your stamina improving, along with energy levels increasing.

If you are like millions of Americans over 50 and trying to keep up with grand kids, simply having the energy to keep up with them is often worth the time it takes to complete the daily workouts.

As the weeks go by the exercises will increase in intensity, and this is when you will notice muscles starting to become stronger. When the exercises are combined with a healthy meal plan, even your primary physician might be pleasantly surprised by the results.

With concise and easy to read ratings and reviews by qualified professionals, along with positive and negative testimonials you will be able to confidently choose the best home workout program even if it is your first time ever considering using one.

Intermediate workouts

Chances are after you’ve been on a beginners workout plan for 6 months or so, you’ve probably noticed that the daily routines are no longer challenging. You might have hit a plateau where you are no longer losing weight or building muscle, and are fairly certain your current workout routine is not as effective as it used to be.

When you reach this point it is actually a positive sign, and means that your fitness levels are improving. When your beginner’s workout plan is no longer producing results, it is probably time to move up to one that it is a little more challenging.

An intermediate workout plan can get you past the plateaus, without noticeably increasing your risk for injury.

It is always advisable to get approval from a licensed physician before you start a more challenging intermediate plan.

Whether you are looking for something intermediate that will help you continue to burn fat and calories, build strength or increase muscle mass, chances are there is a program that will seem like it was designed with your fitness goals in mind.

Regardless of the type of plan you choose it should challenge you.

While you don’t want to completely lose your breath during the workout, it also shouldn’t be easy for you to hold a conversation. If it is you might even be ready to move on to something more advanced, though only with approval from a licensed physician.

Advanced workouts

By the time you are ready for an advanced routine you should be familiar with the exercises and know how to perform each one properly. This is especially important for body builders and others looking to increase their muscle mass and strength. If the lifts and other exercises aren’t performed properly it could result in injuries that sideline your training.

The best advanced workout plans will concentrate on technique. This is especially important if you are trying to get ready for competition. When you have mastered technique you will find it easier to safely lift heavier weights, and sometimes this is necessary if you want to stand out from the other competitors.

These exercises are grueling, and should push you to your limits. This is also why you should never start one of these exercise plans without first getting approval from your primary health care advisor.

This is true whether you are trying to lose weight or add muscle strength and definition. These workout programs are also a great training tool for athletes to take advantage.

You should expect HIIT training to be an important part of an advanced workout plan. This high intensity cardio will boost energy levels so you have a better chance of making it through the workouts.

Circuit training is also a common part of this category, especially if your goal is to increase strength.

The right advanced workout regimen will help you reach your ultimate fitness goals if you are willing to follow the daily routines, and stick with a healthy diet. At

Top Workout Programs you can find advanced fitness plans that are rated and reviewed by experienced fitness trainers and licensed experts. This way you can see which programs worked for others with similar fitness goals so you can make the right decision for your health.

Push yourself to your limits and see what you have inside of yourself with these grueling workouts.

Post pregnancy workouts

Having a baby is a beautiful experience, but it is also hard on your body. Skin and muscles are stretched out, and you might even notice that you are starting to sag in places that didn’t before. Energy levels are also lower, and your overall strength has probably decreased. With the right post pregnancy workout plan you can get your body back in shape, though it will take time and effort.

Before you start a post pregnancy workout regimen it is important to first get approval from your OBGYN or primary health care provider. This is especially important if you are recovering from a C-section.

Pushing your body before it is ready can result in injuries that affect you for the rest of your life.

The best post pregnancy workout routine will help you tone and strengthen your abs, glutes and core muscles. Not only will this help you get a flat stomach, but it can also give you a long, lean appearance.

Having strong core muscles is one of the best ways to relieve and prevent lower back pain, which can be a common problem after giving birth.

You can find post pregnancy workout programs that come with meal plans or you can create your own. Your diet will be an important part of your fitness plan, especially if you are trying to lose excess weight while you are breast feeding.

In this case you might want to speak with a licensed nutritionist to ensure that you are getting the nutrition you need. When you do combine a healthy diet with the right post pregnancy workout plan you can get the results that you are trying to achieve.

Bikini workouts

With the right bikini workout program, wearing a two piece doesn’t have to be a terrifying experience. While you should never be ashamed of your body, it is not common for women to not be comfortable with the one that they have. With the right combination of exercises, and a healthy low fat and calorie diet, you will have the confidence you need to proudly show your body off in a bikini.

The best bikini focused workout plans won’t only concentrate on helping you achieve a flat stomach, but will also focus on your core, glutes, legs, and even upper arms and shoulders.

After all, if you are trying to get ready to wear a bikini with confidence you need to be comfortable with every aspect of your body.

When you are looking for a top rated workout in this category, you do want to be careful to make sure that you choose one that fits your fitness and skill level.

You can find bikini focused workouts that are geared for beginners, but there are also programs that are only designed to be used by those at an advanced level.

These advanced workout plans can be geared for women who are getting ready for an upcoming swimsuit or even a body building competition.

Top 3 rated Workouts within this category

Yoga workouts

Regardless of your age, health or fitness goals you can find a yoga workout that will seem like it was designed with you in mind. Yoga has been practiced in one form or another for thousands of years, and it is a little different than other types of exercise programs. Yoga places equal emphasis on the mind and the body, and this means that the workouts might be a little different than what you are used to.

You can find a yoga workout that will help you improve your overall health, along with ones that are designed to increase strength and improve flexibility. This is also why athletes often incorporate yoga routines into their training routine.

When muscle strength and flexibility are improved you risk of incurring an injury is significantly decreased.

Even though yoga workouts are generally safe for almost everyone, it is still advisable to first get approval from your primary health care provider. Since workouts in this category can range from beginners up to advanced levels, this can also help ensure that the program is right for you.

Some of the positions in yoga can be strenuous, and can cause injury if you attempt them before you are ready.

This is one of the reasons why we have the top rated yoga based workout programs categorized by skill level. This allows you to see exactly what the program will require of you.

Top 3 rated Workouts within this category

Pilates workouts

It is important to remember that Pilates and yoga are different, though this does not mean that one is better than the other. While mediation is an important part of yoga, this is not true in Pilates. These relatively new forms of workout routines do not focus on your mind, but they can help you improve muscle strength and flexibility.

Pilates based workout programs are also a little more strenuous, even the programs geared for beginners. This does make it advisable to first get approval from your primary health care provider before you start incorporating Pilates into your routine.

The best Pilates workout programs will start and end with cardio, and you will find that this is true for almost all fitness programs. Exercises in the pilates category should also concentrate on your core muscles, and not only on your abs.

This is important since Pilates is designed to give your body a long and lean appearance.

While improving your overall health, along with toning and strengthening your core are the main focuses of pilates. These are not the only benefits you can get from a top rated program.

Thanks to the cardio, these workout plans can also help you lose a little weight and burn excess fat. In most cases Pilates exercises are safe for everyone to perform, especially if you start with a routine that is designed for beginners.

Home based workouts

Home based workouts have been gaining in popularity for the last several years. They are convenient, affordable and are a great choice if you aren’t comfortable working out around others. Almost any workout that is offered at a gym can be easily performed at home. This includes programs that call for equipment, not only ones that require you to lift and move your body weight.

There are top rated home based workout routines that will help you lose weight and burn fat. Body builders can continue their training with a home based regimen, and “skinny” guys can also find programs that will help them bulk up.

Designed for all skill and fitness levels, a workout program in this category can help you achieve and even exceed your fitness goals.

Before you start a home based workout you will want to get approval from a primary health care provider. To ensure that the exercise program is capable of producing results, we have the top rated ones rated and reviewed by experienced and licensed fitness experts.

Not only does this give you access to unbiased reviews, but it will also ensure that the home based program you are getting ready to start is the right one for you.

One tip to remember is that you will want to check to see what if any equipment is needed.

The last thing you want is to get ready to start your fitness plan only to find out that you can perform the exercises due to a lack of equipment.

Want to work out in the comfort of your home and still get results, these plans will get you on the right track.

Ultimate ab workouts

Your abs are the muscles that can give you a taut flat stomach, along with a 6 or even 8-pack, and are part of your core. Body builders and even some swim suit models need these muscles to “pop”, and the best way to achieve this is with an ultimate ab workout routine.

You can find an ab workout at all skill levels, from beginner to advance. The duration of these supplementary workouts can vary, but all should be designed to strength and define your abs.

One tip to remember when you are looking for an ab workout plan is that the shorter the duration the more intense the daily exercise routines will be. You also do not want to try and rush your results since this will increase your risk for injury.

The best Ab workouts typically require you to use some equipment, but this isn’t necessary. You can still get the same results just by using your body weight, along with some ordinary household items.

If the Ab workout is designed to be performed at home, it should come with tips on how to use paint cans, milk jugs and other items to increase the intensity of the workouts.

It is also important to combine a healthy diet with the daily exercise routines or you could run the risk of burning instead of building muscle.

Core strengthening workouts

Your core is comprised of your abs, oblique, intercostal and serratus muscles. While your abs are responsible for giving you a flat stomach and 6-pack, if you want lean sides and a strong lower back you need to tone and strengthen all of the muscles in your core.

Core strengthening workouts are often used by body builders and athletes. A strong core is necessary if you want to be able to lift heavier weights without causing injury. It is also responsible for giving body builders that V-shape below their abs so they have the appearance judges are looking for.

Strong core muscles can also help athletes improve their performance, and prevent some injuries.

These workout programs can be beneficial for anyone, even adults over 50. A strong core can improve posture, minimize lower back pain, and make it easier to accomplish everyday activities.

Since core strengthening workouts can be found at all skill levels, you can find one that is suited for you. It is recommended that you get approval from your primary health care provider to ensure that a core strengthening workout plan is safe for you.

Increase strength workouts

Strength increasing workout plans are not just for body builders. These exercise programs can benefit athletes, adults over 50, new mothers after pregnancy and almost everyone else in between. One common myth regarding workout plans to increase strength is that you will also gain muscle mass, but this doesn’t have to be the case. You can increase your overall strength without putting on added muscle.

If you want to improve strength and gain muscle mass you will want to choose a workout plan that gradually increases the number of reps you need to perform, along with the amount of weight.

While increasing the number of reps without giving yourself more time to perform them in will improve your strength, adding weight will add muscle.

It should be mentioned that your results will also depend on your diet. You will need to consume plenty of protein and carbohydrates or else you run the risk of burning muscle, instead of gaining it.

When you only want to increase strength the best workout plan for you will only increase the number of reps, without adding more weight.

You will also want to limit your protein intake since you are not trying to add muscle, but you will need the carbs so you have the energy to make it through the workouts.

Some workout plans to increase strength do come with meal plans, but a licensed nutritionist can also help you create your own.

You can find workout plans to increase strength geared for all fitness levels so you can choose one that is safe for you. When you can read reviews by users, along with those by experienced personal trainers and fitness experts you’ll have a better idea of whether the strength increasing workout plan is the right one for you.

Increasing strength without “bulking up” can be easy with one of these plans, as long as you are willing to work for it.

Body weight workouts

Body weight workout plans have exploded in popularity in recent years, but in reality this type of exercise program has been around for thousands of years. It is often considered safer than using weights and equipment. It is definitely more affordable since there is not any expensive equipment to buy, and body weight workout plans can be extremely effective. It is not uncommon for someone to be surprised by the results they get on a top rated body weight workout plan.

You can find body weight workout plans for strength training, to help you build muscle, or simply improve your overall health. These workouts can also be an effective part of a weight loss or fat burning program.

The skill and intensity levels can also vary so everyone can find a body weight workout plan that is right for them. As with any type of fitness program it is always recommended that you first get approval from your primary health care advisor.

When you are looking for a body weight workout plan it should start and end with cardio. If you are also trying to lose weight a low calorie meal plan is always helpful, especially if you are just starting out.

Some even come with helpful tips on how to increase the intensity of the workouts by incorporating ordinary household items. Not only will this help you overcome your plateaus, but also keep the workouts fresh and new.

Top 3 rated Workouts within this category

Cardio workouts

The cardio workout plans we have rated and reviewed might not be what you are expecting. Cardio often gets a bad reputation as being too boring, but that won’t be the case with these top rated workout plans. The ones we have listed will not have you stuck on a treadmill, and don’t be surprised when you realize that you might actually enjoy doing cardio.

When you are looking for the best cardio workout plan for you it is important to first get approval from your primary health care provider. While getting in 20 minutes of cardio a day is typically encouraged for everyone, it is possible to push yourself to hard and incur an injury.

Since there are cardio workout plans for all skill levels this will help ensure that you picked the right one for you.

You can find cardio workout plans that will help improve your overall health, and give your energy levels a welcome boost.

There are also cardio workout plans for strength, while others will help you burn fat and calories. Some cardio workout plans will help firm and tone your muscles.

One tip we recommend when you are looking for the best cardio workout plan for you is to think about a few of the activities you enjoy doing.

You can get in cardio running, walking, swimming, cycling and any other number of activities that significantly increase your heart rate. When the workout plan includes activities that you enjoy chances are you will find that you are actually having fun when you are doing your cardio routines.

You can find a workout that pushes your cardiovascular to another level. You may even find ways to incorporate an activity you enjoy so getting fit and healthy is actually fun.