Top Workout Plans For Men Rated and Reviewed by Expert Trainers and PhysiciansTop Workout Plans For Men Rated and Reviewed by Expert Trainers and Physicians

Workout Plans For Men The Complete List Rated and Reviewed

Not all workout plans for guys are designed to produce the same results, and if you want the fitness program to be successful it is important that you find the right one. Choosing the wrong one not only won’t give you the results you want, it can also be dangerous to your health. Making it just a little more difficult to find the best one is the simple fact that not all are created equally. Here you will find a variety of men’s workout plans all rated and reviewed by experienced trainers and licensed medical experts.

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Full Body Workout Plans

Some of the most common are the ones that provide a full body workout. These are also some of the most recommended plans by experienced trainers and fitness experts for men trying to improve their overall health and appearance of their bodies.

If you want to tone and strengthen your core muscles, and the ones in your arms and legs a full body exercise plan might be the right one for you.

For a complete workout you also want it to include cardio, and some of the top plans even come with healthy recipes and a comprehensive meal guide.

Men’s full body workouts typically start off at a lower intensity level, gradually increasing so your risk of injury is minimal. This also makes them a great choice for beginners, along with older fellows that are just starting to think about their health.

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Workout Plans with Supplements

If you are looking for a workout program that includes the use of supplements there is one important aspect to consider.

Supplements when taken correctly and combined with the right type of exercises can build muscle, and even help skinny guys bulk up faster, but this will only happen if you also perform the exercises.

Men often find that if they take supplements such as whey protein and creatin without working out, only their waistlines expand.

You can also find supplements that help to burn fat and calories, along with boost your metabolism, but these should be taken with caution. Men with a preexisting heart condition might find that weight loss supplements are actually dangerous to their health.

Guys that are looking to get “ripped and buffed” in a short period of time can get the results they want when they combine supplements and a high intensity workout. The best ones will include plenty of reps and other strength training exercises, along with a comprehensive meal plan and supplement guide.

Some of the top rated supplements to look for, that are also proven to be safe and effective for most men include, whey, creatin, casein protein, BCAAS and fast acting carbs.

best workouts for menbest workouts for men
Our editor’s choice for this Workout ProgramOur experts are constantly searching for the best Workouts out there. Here is our editor’s Workout of choice for the Workout Plans For Men


Workout designed by Ben Pakulski
  • Duration: 3-12 weeks
  • Frequency: 5+ times per week
  • Total Cost:     
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Fitness Goals:

  • Building Muscle
  • Fat Burning
  • Body Transformation
  • Gain Strength

Timed Workout Plans – Weeks/Months

A timed workout plan generally refers to one that is completed in a set number of weeks or even months, though some of these programs are designed to be continuously repeated for long lasting results.

They are geared for guys searching for fast results, especially those that want to look lean and toned in a bathing suit or for an upcoming competition.

Even though you only have a limited amount of time to complete the program, the best one will start off slow and easy. It is also important that it allows your body time to rest and recover. You want to remember that in order to get these fast, and sometimes amazing results, you will be pushing yourself to your limit and your muscles will need some down time in order to prevent injury.

In general a timed workout will also concentrate on one or two specific muscle groups, and it might not be the best choice if you are looking to completely transform your body.

Beach Body Workout Plans

A great Beach Body Workout plan for men will combine many of the same elements as the full body and timed programs.

These plans are generally designed to be completed in 6 weeks, though you can find some that are a little shorter or longer. If you don’t work out regularly throughout the year, you will probably want to choose a plan that lasts a little longer. This will help prevent injuries since your muscles will have more time to get used to the intense and often strenuous daily workouts.

Like full body programs you can also plan on working all of your muscles, with particular attention paid to your abs and core. This will help you achieve the lean toned form, along with a “6-pack” you will be proud to show off.

Since they are designed to burn fat, along with tone and build muscles in a relatively short period of time these plans might not be the best choice for guys just starting out or who are recovering from a previous injury.

Before starting any short, relatively high intensity men’s workout plan it is always a good idea to speak with your primary health care advisor to ensure that it is safe for you.

best workouts for menbest workouts for men

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Core Workout Plans – Abs, Waist, Chest and Shoulders

A good and effective core workout plan for men over and under 50 will include a variety of exercises that are designed to strengthen all of these muscles.

Crunches and sit-ups will help define your waist, while also helping you achieve a “six pack” if that is one of your fitness goals.

When it comes to strengthen, toning and even building muscles in your chest and shoulders pull-ups and chin-ups are common exercises you can expect to be performing. You can also find plans that require the use of equipment, while others will have you use your own body weight.

You do want the plan to gradually increase in intensity so your risk of injury is minimal and the results are long lasting.

Muscle Building Workout Plans

These workout plans for men can and do vary, depending on your ultimate goal.

  • If you want to build upper body strength and add more bulk, a workout that concentrates on your core, shoulders and arms will be the best choice for you.
  • If your legs are a concern then you will want to consider a full body workout, especially one that includes lifts and squats.

Some of the best ones for guys looking to build muscle will also include protein based supplements, along with a nutritional meal guide.

What you eat will have almost the same impact as the exercises you are doing when it comes to building strong, healthy muscles.

best workouts for menbest workouts for men

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Experienced trainers and physicians are often asked if there are workout plans for teenage guys, and if these programs are any different than the ones for men.

There are workout plans designed specifically for teens, and this is due to the fact that their bodies are still growing and developing.

Just like there are workout programs tailored for seniors and men at any age, there are also some that are safe and effective for teenage guys.

You can find men’s workout plans for athletes in almost every sport. There are workout programs for baseball, football and basketball players, along with ones designed to improve strength and stamina in martial artists, boxers and even male gymnasts.

Yes, there are workout plans for men. Some are remarkably similar to women’s, but you can also find workout plans that are designed for a man’s unique build and body type.

These exercises programs typically concentrate on strength and muscle building, along with improving your cardio health.

Whether it’s to look great on the beach or at the pool in the summer or simply to boost self-esteem, it is not uncommon for guys to want a workout plan that will give them a “six-pack”. This refers to the abdominal muscles, and there are several that concentrate on this specific area.

You can easily find workout plans that can be done without going to a gym. They are often just as effective as the ones you find at a gym, only they are usually more affordable and can be done on your own time.

The answer is “yes”, you can get a lean and fit body with a workout plan. You will want to find a men’s exercise program that not only burns calories, but also tones and shapes muscles.

Some of the best ones for guys that want a lean and toned body will also come with nutritional low fat recipes, along with a comprehensive meal planning guide.

There are plenty of workout plans that will produce fast results, and finding one is relatively simple. Just look for a workout program that is designed to be completed in a few weeks or even over several days.

It should be noted that these plans are usually fast paced with high intensity levels and are not recommended for beginners or those with some preexisting health conditions.

Before you start any fitness routine that promises fast results it is important that you ensure it is safe for you.

According to experienced trainers this is a tricky question to answer, since there are several factors that determine how effective a men’s workout plan actually is.

In general you can burn the same amount of fat and calories with or without weights, and the same is also true regarding building and toning your muscles.

If your goal is to “bulk up” or simply add definition look for ones that require you to use your own body weight when performing the different exercises.

This question is best answered by licensed physicians and their response is generally the same, it depends on the individual when it comes to determining if creatin is safe for you.

Overall creatin, which is a protein supplement used to build muscle, is considered safe for men and it can also be an effective tool for guys to use who are looking to “bulk up”.

Once again it is always best to speak with your primary health care advisor before you add creatin or any other supplement to your daily diet.

A common question asked by men looking to get fit is whether or not adding supplements will give you better results. The answer typically depends on your health and fitness goals.

It should be mentioned that before you start taking any dietary or nutritional supplements it is always best to get advice from a health care professional.

Some supplements when combined with the right workout can help you build, strengthen and tone muscles, while others can provide you with the nutrients you might be missing from your daily diet.

While a workout plan with supplements might not be better for everyone, they can help some men reach and even exceed their fitness goals.

It is actually pretty easy to find an affordable men’s workout plan. The cost of the workout plans are typically based on the number of included extras, and if the program is endorsed by well-known celebrities.

You do want to remember mean that just because a celebrity claims that it is the best, doesn’t mean that it well be just as effective for all guys. 

If there are club or gym memberships required this can also drive up the price, which is why many guys looking to build muscle and get fit on a budget typically choose a home workout plan.

Some of the most effective and affordable workout plans for guys looking to build, strengthen and tone muscles are the ones that require them to use their own body weight.

Generally consisting of various repetitive exercises that gradually increase in intensity and difficulty over time, you can safely and effectively improve overall strength and muscle tone with a body weight workout.

Guys will also notice an increase in muscle size, all without having to spend money on expensive gym memberships or equipment.

While not all workout plans that come with a structured diet will build muscles these programs will help you burn calories and excess pounds, while helping you to achieve a lean and toned appearance.

If you are looking for one that will help you build muscle and comes with a diet, you will want it to have recipes that are high in protein and carbohydrates.

This will ensure that your body has the nutritional building blocks it needs for effective muscle growth, and that you have the energy you need to complete the tough daily workouts.

You can find several men’s workout plans that are designed to help even skinny guys get “ripped and big”. You will want to choose one that gradually increases in intensity, and that also works your core, arm and leg muscles.

Including supplements such as creatin can help ensure that you are getting the protein you need to build strong and healthy muscles.

You can also find some exercise programs that promise fast results, but these are generally not recommended if you are trying to transform your body. Not only can they be dangerous for beginners and smaller guys looking to “bulk up”, the results are often not long lasting unless you are committed to keeping up with the fast paced high intensity workouts.

You can easily find workouts that are designed to be done at home. These fitness plans are capable of providing you with the same results you would normally get at a gym, but since there are not any membership fees they are significantly more affordable.

Some home workout plans can be used with the gym equipment you already own, while others encourage you to be creative and incorporate ordinary household items into the daily exercises. You can even find some that come with healthy recipes and helpful meal guides.

It is a proven medical fact, exercise plans that include cardio can improve your overall health. Your heart is a muscle and a structured workout can help keep it strong and healthy.

Studies also show that when one of these workout plans are carefully followed it can dramatically reduce your risk for a stroke or heart attack.

Some licensed physicians also recommend starting a low intensity cardio workout to their patients that have recently suffered a heart attack.

If you have already experienced heart complications or think you might be at risk, it is important that you speak to your health care advisor before exercising.

Guys often want to know if workout plans for beginners are safe and effective, and in most cases the answer is “yes”. This will also depend on your physicians recommendation, which is always advisable to get before you start.

One of the reasons beginner workouts are typically consider to be safe and effective is that they generally start off at a low intensity level. This gives your body time to get used to the physical exercise, and can also help prevent painful injuries.

People recovering from an injury, illness or even some men over 50 often find that this is the best choice for them.

Workouts for men are designed to be easy to follow, and most come with handy guides that will walk you through each of the exercises. Some even come with helpful pictures so you can make sure that you are performing the exercises properly.

Beginners and those switching to a different workout plan can also find some that come with instructional DVDs, along with access to a community website so even if the program is new you know exactly what to do.

The answer to this question will depend on your fitness goals, and occasionally on your budget. Workout plans with meals or even recipes and nutritional guides can be priced a little higher, but for some guys who are trying to shed excess pounds and reduce their cholesterol and fat intake it can be well worth the added cost.

The same can also be true if you are trying to build muscle since many of these plans recommend dramatically increasing the amount of protein you consume each day. In some cases ones that come with meals might actually be better for you, but it really does depend on your unique situation.

At Top Workout Programs you can easily find the best workout plans for men. After answering a couple of questions you can browse through a complete list of recommended workout routines that are designed to help you meet your specific fitness goals.

Whether you are a skinny guy looking to “bulk up” or are over 50 and just want to stay in shape and have more energy you will be able to find one that will seem like it was created with your specific goals in mind.

best workouts for menbest workouts for men

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