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MI40X Review

Workout designed by Ben Pakulski

Are you ready to take your workout to the extreme? Look no further! Following the success of his foundation program, MI40, Ben Pakulski introduces a brand new ultimate bodybuilding workout, MI40 Xtreme. If the original program was intense, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Even if you did not complete the foundation program, you will still be able to jump into this 2.0 version and see an incredible transformation. Through a combination of strength, cardio, and nutritional concepts, MI40X takes working out to a whole new level to achieve those max results in just forty days.

  • Duration: 3-12 weeks
  • Frequency: 5+ times per week
  • Total Cost:     
  •   Money Back Guarantee

Workout Program Achievements
Top 3 Achievements for MI40X

Fitness Goals:
  • Building Muscle
  • Fat Burning
  • Body Transformation
  • Gain Strength

Introducing the MI40X by Ben Pakulski

Pakulski certainly knows the bodybuilding game. Ben, or “BPack”, holds an Honors Kinesiology Degree from the University of Western Ohio and has been interested in sports and the way the body moves since he was a teenager.

Through playing sports in school, he became obsessed with improving his athletic performance. By age 17 he had found bodybuilding and has since risen to the top of his field. He is recognized worldwide as an expert in the smart, healthy approach to bodybuilding.

Ben has also been featured in FLEX magazine dozens of times, leading him to become a recurring contributor. BPack prides himself on being a role model, and is in a state of continuous learning so he can help people like you in the most efficient ways possible.

“We are after greatness. We are after exceptional transformations.”

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Need an advanced workout plan
Try MI40X

Program Duration

  • 3-12 weeks

MI40X is a 6-week program, just like it’s foundation. There is an added bonus of a 7-day Primer Phase before beginning the program, which is recommended for those who did not complete MI40 first. This primer will familiarize you with Pakulski’s methodology and give you a taste of what is to come.


  • Website

Once you have purchased MI40X, you will be given access to all of the materials through an online portal.

Within this portal you will find printable worksheets, the nutritional guide and exercise guide, as well as videos breaking down the form of each exercise you will see throughout the regime. These materials can be accessed on any device and downloaded and/or printed at your leisure. You have unlimited downloads, so feel free to load them up on your computer, phone, or tablet to take them on the go.

Learn a new way to “bulk up”
That is safe and effective

Gender Focus – Either

Looking back at the MI40 foundation, it was noted that the program is geared mainly towards men.

There was one woman who gave a review and an impressive before and after shot. Ben seems to have taken this into consideration and you will see a female featured in many of the exercise demonstrations.

Even when looking at the nutrition guidelines, there are different recommendations for both men and women.

It is definitely nice to see the separation and acknowledgement that both genders have unique needs.

Age Group

  • => 20 years but
  • => 30 years but
  • => 40 years but

BPack started his own fitness journey around age fifteen. If you are going to start an intense fitness regime, you should not start any younger than fifteen, as any sooner could cause development problems.

Regardless of age, because MI40X is so extreme, it is important to consult your doctor before starting the program and while engaged in the program, be very aware of your body. If anything feels off, stop and have it checked out. It is better to be safe than permanently injured.

Luckily, Ben is very conscious about teaching you how to work out the right way, that you should not run into any roadblocks.

Body Type (BMI) Fit

  • Under-Weight (Body Mass Index
  • Normal-Weight (Body Mass Index 18.5 to 24.9)
  • Over-Weight (Body Mass Index 25 to 29.9)
  • Obese (Body Mass Index 30 to 34.9)

Body Mass Index, or BMI, is a measure of body fat, and is widely controversial today.

The usual calculation for BMI is a formula that divides your height by your weight. In the case of MI40X, because it is a bodybuilding program, BMI is not going to be important. In fact, on a BMI scale, bodybuilders tend to be categorized as obese, because they have so much bulk.

This is where the arguments over BMI come in, because the general formula does not take into account the composition of a person’s body weight. No matter your body type when you start the program, it is best to avoid any BMI readers and focus on the physical and mental changes you will experience.

Exercise Type(s)

  • Weights
  • Cardio

MI40X is an intense bodybuilding program that is focused on weight lifting. There are areas of HIIT cardio and SS (steady state) cardio as well, but the meat and potatoes of the regime is heavy weightlifting. Through the downloaded materials you will learn about two main ideas used for this method of weightlifting.

  1. C.E.P. Training – C.E.P. stands for Cell Expansion Protocol. After years of studying how cells react, this protocol has been proven to cause hypertrophy. In other words, it causes major muscle growth, by maximizing the hormonal effects of high intensity exercise.
  2. NOS – With this type of training, your muscles will produce more lactic acid, burning fat at a faster and more efficient rate.

Both of these techniques are explained in pages and pages of detail. With Pakulski’s background, knowledge, and research, this regime not only pushed you to your max physically, but also makes sure you understand how and why you are working out in this manner.

This type of exercise in not for the faint of heart. Any age (over fifteen) and gender can definitely participate in MI40X, but it may not be the best option if you struggle with joint issues or have previous injuries. The routine moves fast and is not meant to be easy. Later on we will break down what the actual workouts will look like.

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Both men and women
Can benefit from BPack’s plan

Fitness Goals

  • Building Muscle

  • Fat Burning

  • Body Transformation

  • Gain Strength

Big gains and massive muscles.

This is the promise of MI40X. Throughout the forty days your body is sure to be completely transformed, or Ben has some explaining to do. The ways in which he teaches you to lift weights will strengthen your entire body and add tons of muscle mass. You will burn fat at a rapid pace, gain strength, and see your body chiseled in no time.

This is truly a miracle of a bodybuilding program. Please be aware that this type of exercise leads to a body that needs to be maintained. Bodybuilding is not for everyone and can be a difficult lifestyle to fall into. For many, this discipline is exactly what they want and they are able to keep it up for years and years.

Single Vs Group

  • Alone
  • With a buddy

Bodybuilding is a workout that challenges both your body and your mind, and it takes a lot of deep motivation to pull it off. While you can certainly use the MI40X regime as a solitary activity, everything is more fun when you have a buddy.

Pakulski does recommend that you work out with someone else, mainly so you will have a spotter on some of those super heavy lifting exercises.

Workout Location

  • Offered at Gym/Fitness Studio only

MI40X is another program created for the gym. Not many people have access to a home gym, though it would be handy since you will be spending a lot of time there over the next six weeks. Also, you may be visiting your workout facility multiple times within a day.

It is no secret that bodybuilders make their living by residing at the gym. If you are looking for a true-life taste of what these exercise phenoms go through, this is it.

Challenge your body and mind
With a new workout program

Workout Equipment

  • Yes - equipment that needs set up and not portable

The gym is your home base for MI40X, so naturally you will be using many of the pieces of equipment you see every day, such as barbells, dumbbells, and a cable machine. Before you start the program, make a checklist of all the equipment necessary and double check that all of it is provided at your fitness facility.

If something is missing, you may be out of luck, since Ben does not give alternates to any of the exercises. The equipment is fairly generic gym equipment, however, so this should not pose a problem.

Accessories (not required)


  • 5+ times per week

Throughout the MI40X routine, you will be working out six to seven days a week, for forty minutes, twice a day. This only takes into account the strength portion.

You will absolutely need to warm up and cool down from your workouts, which will add extra time. Also, you will be performing about thirty minutes of cardio every other day. You are provided with a calendar to sort everything out, but the only flexibility will be what day you begin. Once you start, you need to be in it for the long haul.

Choose from 3 plans
Designed for most fitness levels


  • Follow required program regime strictly to get results

Discipline is a huge aspect of MI40X and the “extreme” title gives it away. A person who starts an MI40X journey is looking for maximum results in a very efficient and fast time frame. There is no time to slack off and not take every word Pakulski dishes out one hundred percent seriously.

Bodybuilding requires a lifestyle change, both when it comes to your time at the gym as well as the time spent dedicated to your nutrition. It is only when these two commitments align that you will get the best possible outcome.


BPack is aware that not everyone will already be a bodybuilder when first entering MI40X, so he has come up with three separate levels based on your experience: Newbie, Graduate, and Pro. You pick your starting point.

If you start as a Newbie or a Graduate, you have a longer journey and can repeat the program in the next consecutive level as you gain strength. Even so, it will definitely help to have some sort of knowledge of basic weight training going into the program.

Optimal Diet Options

  • Diet changes required: Yes

Like its foundation counterpart, MI40X comes with a detailed Nutrition Guide for the entire six weeks of exercise. The difference here is that MI40X provides you with different nutritional guidelines for each week of the program. There is not a one-week-fits-all meal plan to use, so you will have to be easily adaptable. The plus side of this is that you will definitely not get bored with your eating habits.

Food in MI40X is specifically timed and planned out to aid in muscle growth. These details absolutely matter when it comes to results and have been scientifically studied. Here is where Ben separates the men and women. Using the Interactive Diet Calculator, you’ll be able to choose the right plan for you and also discover your daily calorie intake. There are four different diet plans:

MALE (High Carb)
For men less than 12% bodyfat

WOMEN (High Carb)
For women less than 20% bodyfat

MALE (Low Carb)
For men greater than 12% bodyfat

WOMEN (Low Carb)
For women greater than 20% bodyfat

It is clearly handy to know your body fat percentage. Many gyms have calipers or other machines to take these measurements. The four plans set out the ground rules for the amount of carbs, fat, and protein to consume throughout the day. Specific recipes, however, are up to you.

As previously stated, each stage of the workout comes with its own nutritional phase. The basics are pretty much the same as the MI40 foundation, making sure to fuel your body with clean foods and eat them at the correct times of day. When carbs are involved, Pukalski says “you’re only as good as the carbs you use”. This is why everything is so scientifically set, causing your body to consume exactly what is needed to see results.


  • Supplements Required: Yes

Supplements are a big factor when it comes to getting huge.

Ben does not include the use of steroids, though he knows many bodybuilders take them to achieve their physiques. He urges you to realize that through MI40X, you do not need any type of steroid. All you need are the right supplements and a determined mindset.

MI40X comes with a complete Supplement Guide that lists every supplement that is recommended throughout the six weeks.

These include, but are not limited to, fish oil, powdered greens, spore probiotics, beta alanine, whey protein, and BCAA’s (branch chain amino acids). Many of these speed up your recovery from the intense workouts and can even help with things like sleep and increasing testosterone. Each phase of MI40X is assigned certain supplements that will aid your body through the work.

Supplement Brand

  • Supplements Brands Recommended: Yes

The Supplement Guide suggests upwards of thirty different supplements to mix into your nutritional plans. For someone new to bodybuilding, this may seem like a lot, but those who are more seasoned will be used to having this many around.

Each supplement listed is linked within the guide to Ben’s favorite and most trusted retailers.

Top Workout Programs MissionTop Workout Programs Mission

Workout Program Support

MI40X has an amazing support system attached to it, just like the MI40 foundation. Within your online portal you will have access to the forums. Here, you can search the boards for answers to your questions and chat with other people who are going through the same workout. If for some reason you cannot find the answers you are looking for, you can email Ben and he will personally assist you.

On social media, MI40X is combined with MI40 into the “MI40 Nation” Facebook group. This group has almost 22,000 members and is considered a closed group, meaning you have to request to join. With so many active users, it is clear that these programs are not only popular, but successful in creating a thriving online community.

User Testimonials

If you visit the website you will see a handful of “after” photos under the Real Results tab. These users are a mix of both men and women, who look to be between the ages of 20 and 40. There are no “before” photos for these reviews, but they do nothing but sing Pakulski’s praises.

“I found my body constantly changing, growing and somehow, getting leaner. I was doing totally new things with my muscles and they were responding every single session. Before I started MI40X I was 186lbs, upon completing the graduate level I was up to 200lbs! I was blown away, this wasn’t 14lbs of fat either, this is good quality lean mass. I can’t thank Ben enough for creating this as it has allowed me to totally transform my physique and get me noticed when I walk around the gym. Now it’s everywhere I have people asking me how on earth I did this…MI40X baby!” – Jason Gibson

“My MI40X results were pretty awesome!. I am extremely pleased with the muscle gains I made! This program changed the way I think, feel, and look at hard training. Not only were the different training concepts extremely challenging for the body, and beyond anything I could have imagined. The most discipline I experienced was the battle of the mind, pushing through and taking myself to a level I couldn’t even conceive. It’s almost like an outer-body experience. I was excited for every workout, dreaded every workout, destroyed every workout, and felt like superwoman after every workout. Loved this program!” – Leyla Bruderlin


Other User Testimonials

A quick internet search provides some insight into non-program published testimonials.

There are less reviews on MI40x and more for the foundation of MI40, all of which are generally positive. Those who have completed MI40X get a lot for their money and one user even said that those who do use steroids, which Ben does not say you need at all, will see even bigger results.

Overall the reactions to MI40X are good. It would be nice to see some start to pop up from people who are complete newbies to bodybuilding, as the users posted on the MI40X website do seem to have a physique of someone who has already been heavily working out.

Workout Phases Overview

MI40X is designed very similarly to it’s foundation program, MI40, as it is separated into six phases, or six weeks of work. Ben does suggest that you take advantage of the bonus 7-Day Primer Phase, especially if this is your first time using any of the MI40 programs. The primer is combined with a Detox Guide, that literally primes your body for the work you will be doing over the six weeks.

During this 7-day series, you will get your body ready for the full MI40X series. You are provided with between 7 and 12 exercises daily, that will be repeated with as little rest as possible. A sample set may look like this:

Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
3 Minute Rest
Repeat Exercise 1
Repeat Exercise 2
Repeat Exercise 3
3 Minute Rest

Once you have completed the primer phase, it is necessary to take three days off from working out before beginning the full six-week program.

Accessed through the Printable Workout Sheets on you online portal, Pukalski lists out your entire regime for MI40X on a calendar. The biggest difference between this extreme program and the foundation is the amount of time you will be working out. Here, the goal is to work out each body part two times per week and you will still be working out twice a day. Not to mention, there is only one rest day instead of two.

Example Week:
Day 1 – Chest, Front Delts, Side Delts, Biceps

Day 2 – Back, Rear Delts, Triceps, (Abs/Core)

Day 3 – Quads, Hams, (Calves 1)

Day 4 – Biceps, Chest, Delts, Side Delts

Day 5 – Triceps, Back (Abs/Core)

Day 6 – Hams, Quads, (Calves 2)

Day 7 – OFF

Note here that similarly to the foundation program, there are also Abs, Core, and Calf exercise series that will be intermixed throughout the phases. Each exercise is specifically timed with a tempo that is meant to provide the biggest results. For those who are new, you will be able to watch the training videos that go over proper form for each exercise.


MI40X recommends two types of cardio. The first, is HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, which takes you quickly through maximum work to a short period of rest and back, giving your muscles and endurance a big bang for the buck. The second type is Steady State (SS) cardio, which will last 35 minutes and can be anything from treadmill running to rowing. Any type of cardio should be done at least four hours after your strength workouts and on non-consecutive days, meaning that you should leave a day in between cardio workouts. It is not recommended to do any cardio training during the sixth week of the program.

Because users will be coming in from various points in their fitness journeys, Pukalski has created three different Printable Workout Sheets to choose from, depending on your level.

Newbie Workout Sheets
Graduate Workout Sheets
Pro Workout Sheets

Each of these follow the same routine, but the more advanced sheets set you up with higher targets. All of these give detailed descriptions of the lifting methods Ben would like you to adopt, all of which you will have practiced if you have completed the MI40 foundation or the Primer Phase.


Money Back Guarantee

  • Money back guarantee available: Yes

If for any reason you are unhappy with your results, do not see any results, or simply are not a fan of the program, Pakulski offers you a 60-day 100% money back guarantee. This comes with no questions asked. Because you have only sixty days from purchase, be sure to plan the start of your regime ahead of time, just in case you decide to get your money back.

Investing in Diet and Supplements

The thirty supplements alone are going to cost a pretty penny, especially because you will be buying high quality brands and most likely paying for shipping.

If you do not want to break the bank, Ben provides a list of the main essentials that will get you by if you do not want to commit to the entire list.

Diet spending will be up to you, as the recipes are your decision. In general, whole, natural foods tend to be pricier than their over-processed counterparts. In the end it is up to you. Just remember, you only get what you put in.

Monthly Subscription Program

  • Has Monthly Subscription Program: No


MI40X is an ideal program for anyone looking to get into the bodybuilding game. With Ben Pakulski on your side, you are sure to achieve greatness with a heaping layer of muscle to show for it. This program provides:

  • 6 weeks of workouts
  • A bonus primer week
  • 6 weeks of nutrition
  • A bonus detox guide
  • Detailed descriptions of the execution of each individual exercise via PDF download and video
  • Supplement Guide
  • Interactive Diet Calculator
  • Documents on the Science of C.E.P. training
  • Access to the MI40 Nation forum

You will be receiving all of this, plus the options to buy into some other bonuses for $97.

This is high compared to other programs on the market, but is definitely worth the investment. Ben’s incredible commitment to bodybuilding shows and that is what you are paying for. If you are ready to invest in your health and see major gains and a complete body transformation, be sure to check out MI40X.

best workouts for menbest workouts for men

Looking for an “extreme” workout
MI40X will do that and more

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