Tone It Up Review

Workout designed by Karena Dawn & Katrina Scott

Tone It Up is an online workout and nutrition program that is targeted towards women who want to look their best and feel confident on the beach. Tone It Up was co-founded by Karena and Katrina in 2009. Without a business plan and little more than a dream to share their love of fitness online with other women, they have helped tens of thousands of women over the years find a fitness and nutrition plan that works for them.

  • Duration: > 12 weeks
  • Frequency: 5+ times per week
  • Total Cost:     
  •   No Money Back Guarantee

Workout Program Achievements
Top 3 Achievements for Tone It Up

Our experts do not recommend Tone It Up.
Here are some better alternative workout programs

Introducing the Tone It Up by Karena Dawn & Katrina Scott

Written by two trainers, Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott, the Tone It Up Bikini Series digital bundle provides with you with the following products:

The Tone It Up Nutrition Plan – this 57 page ebook contains the lifestyle Tone It Up nutrition guidelines. Is was written with the help of a registered dietitian. It it, you’ll receive Karena and Katrina’s Tone It Up nutrition secrets that will you get and stay lean and toned for life.

The Tone It Up Recipe Guide – a 114 page ebook with 15 breakfast recipes, 23 smoothie recipes, 9 juice recipes, metabolism boosting shots, flavored coffee recipes, 34 salad and soup recipes, 17 sandwich and wrap recipes, 24 healthy snack recipes including snack ball variations, 8 desserts, 16 dressings, dips and sauces, and 50 entrée recipes with an abundance of vegetarian and vegan options.

7 Day Slim Down – this 24 page ebook gives you step by step instructions to help you get ready for any big event. Whether you want to do the full 7 day program or only the last 3 days, you can use this short term guide to help you de-bloat and look fabulous.

21 Day Challenge – this 90 page ebook can help you kick-start a healthier lifestyle by focusing on journalling, regular workouts, and better nutrition. It is a short-term challenge which requires some stricter guidelines than the regular TIU nutrition plan.

Bikini Series Edition – a 151 page ebook that guides you through 8 weeks of workouts and, most importantly, teaches you how to create your own meal plans using the TIU Recipe Guide. 

Beach Babe Workouts – these digital exercise videos take you through fun Beach Babe workouts where you’ll exercise alongside Katrina and Karena. Modifications and coaching tips are given for you in the videos and the ocean backdrop and even tempoe music help you stay focused. You’ll receive toning workouts, body specific tone up workouts, HIIT workouts, and a yoga-inspired stretching sessions in each Beach Babe series.

Our experts do not recommend Tone It Up.
Here are some better alternative workout programs:

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Program Duration

  • > 12 weeks

With the Tone It Up Bikini Series, you get to choose which program to do. We recommend you make yourself familiar with the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan and Recipe Guide first.

Next, get comfortable with the 151 page Bikini Series Edition ebook. Although it sounds like a lot of pages, the majority of it is worksheets are for you to use to create your own meal plan.

The Bikini Series Edition is an 8 week program. Also included in this ebook bundle page is a 7 day slim down guide and a 21 day challenge guide. However, the main Tone It Up Nutrition Plan and free daily workouts posted on the website is the one you can follow for the rest of your life.


  • Website

The Tone It Up program is only available on the internet. There are no hard copy books or DVDs. You will be able to access and view the online PDF’s on your computer, tablet, and smartphone.

We recommend that you download and print off the ebooks so you can refer to them easily. This is especially important for the recipes and the do-it-yourself meal plan templates you’ll find in the Bikini Series Edition ebook.

You can workout along with the online videos if you have an internet connection or you can download them to use at another time.

Our experts do not recommend
Tone It Up

Gender Focus – Female

The Tone It Up program has been uniquely designed by women for women.

As with nearly all fitness programs, the most dramatic body transformations come with what you put in your mouth. The  meal plans are also written for women. The calorie content and macronutrients have been designed for an average woman in a weight loss calorie deficit and are too low for most men.

The workouts are also designed to shape and enhance the natural curves of a woman’s body. Very light weights are used to tighten, tone, and lift up the body parts most women are typically interested in enhancing such as their booties, arms, legs, and waist lines.

Age Group

  • => 20 years but
  • => 30 years but

The Tone It Up Bikini Series Edition is written for women of all ages. The workouts are doable for all women.

However, a disclaimer in each of the ebooks insists that you must be 18 years of age or have parental consent to use the Tone It Up products.

Teenage girls are still growing and they need more calories and nutrients than suggested in the Tone It Up nutrition guide. The meal plans ask you to limit starchy carbs in the last two meals of your day. Young women, especially if they are active, do not need to worry about when they eat starchy carbs.

Body Type (BMI) Fit

  • Normal-Weight (Body Mass Index 18.5 to 24.9)
  • Over-Weight (Body Mass Index 25 to 29.9)

The Body Mass Index is one way to estimate a person’s overall health by using their height and weight to estimate the amount of body fat they carry. The number you are given, known as the index, gives you an idea of your health risks. The higher your BMI, the greater at risk you are for diseases such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and certain cancers.

The Tone It Up Bikini Series edition is meant to help women who are unhappy with the way they feel. Whether they are normal weight or overweight, the Tone It Up lifestyle nutrition plan is intended to help all women learn to enjoy eating more nourishing meals.

The workout programs included in the Bikini Series can be done by nearly any woman, regardless of fitness level or size. The exercises do not require heavy weights, and even though some of the movements are challenging, you have the opportunity to work at your own pace as you seek to improve your fitness abilities each week.

Exercise Type(s)

  • Weights
  • Yoga
  • Body Weight
  • Cardio

For the purpose of this review, the daily workouts available for free on the Tone It Up website will not be included. We will be looking strictly at the contents in the Tone It Up Bikini Series digital bundle.

The Tone It Up Beach Babe workouts include a few different types of exercises in the various videos you receive in the digital bundle. Most of the exercises use either light hand weights or your bodyweight to tone your muscles. There are also interval training workouts and a yoga inspired stretching routine.

The workouts contain a huge variety of exercises that hit each muscle group repeatedly from many different angles. With the high volume of repetitions and Katrina and Karena’s “cinching” principles, you will feel your muscles burning, even if you’re using light hand weights or none at all.

This burning feeling is not lactic acid build up as some people believe. It is the accumulation of hydrogen ions in the muscle which lactic acid then comes alongs and removes so  your muscles keep working. Lactic acid is useful, and pushing through the burning feeling will help to build your body’s tolerance to exercise. We call this endurance.

The interval training workouts use bodyweight exercises like burpees, high intensity cardio movements such as running on the spots, and toning exercises interspersed strategically with rest intervals.

These short, intense bursts of exercise are useful in creating an oxygen deficit, which creates work for the body as it attempts to bring itself back to it’s regular state. Some people refer to this as boosting your body’s metabolism but it’s more appropriately called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption or EPOC.

Lastly, the yoga inspired stretching routine is a time to show your body some love. Regular stretching is relaxing, and it also helps to reduce your chance of injury.

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Tone It Up
is not being recommended
See what our experts suggest instead

Fitness Goals

  • Fat Burning

  • Body Transformation

  • Bikini Body

  • Gain Strength

  • Ab Focused

A finely toned bikini body is the primary health and fitness goal of the Tone It Up Bikini Series nutrition and workout system.

When women say they want to “tone up” their bodies, what they mean is a smooth, cellulite and fat-free appearance. They want shapely shoulders and tank-top worthy arms, along with a flat, lean stomach. They also want a lifted, tight butt and slim, shapely legs. The kind of body that society says is bikini worthy.

The secret to getting this kind of toned look is to get stronger and leaner. So although the Tone It Up workouts would rather promise to help you “tone up” rather than saying you’ll be building stronger arms and legs and burning fat to achieve a flat stomach, this is the essence of “toning up.”

The Tone It Up program helps you achieve a toned up look with a one-two punch. First of all, the nutrition plan gives you guidance and recipes so you get the nutrients you need to create a calorie deficit. This is necessary for your body to burn fat, and ensure you have plenty of energy for your workouts.

Secondly, the Tone It Up Bikini Babe workouts provide you with daily exercises and movements that will create a small calorie deficit to help you achieve your fat loss goals.

The workouts will also improve the appearance of your muscles by forcing them to grow to meet the demands put upon it. The movements focus on building shapely arms and shoulders. The booty workouts will target your legs and glutes, helping to lift and tighten these muscles.


Single Vs Group

  • Alone
  • With a buddy

The Tone It Up Bikini Babe workouts can be done alone or with a buddy. When you see Katrina and Karena working out together, you can tell that there is something fun and special about working out with a friend. However, you do not need a buddy to do these workouts.

If you do choose to get a friend involved in your Tone It Up workouts, you’ll find that having a fellow friend sweating beside you helps to keep you motivated. However, if you’re not keen on working out with a friend and prefer to set your own training schedule, then do what works best for you.

Workout Location

  • Can be done anywhere

The Tone It Up bikini series workouts have been designed to do anywhere.

Since the equipment required is light and portable, not to mention optional, you will have the freedom to workout practically anywhere you want. All you will need is a flat area slightly bigger than a yoga mat to move around in.

You will however need to have internet access or the workout videos already downloaded to a laptop or tablet since there is no written instructions provided.

Tone It Up
is not being recommended
See what our experts suggest instead

Workout Equipment

  • Yes - simple and portable equipment

Since the Tone It Up workouts consist mainly of bodyweight exercises, very little equipment is required. You may even have the equipment you’ll need, and if not, it is very easy to find and affordable.

First of all, you will need a light pair of dumbbells for your workouts. If you do not have a pair, you can begin the workouts without any additional weight or you can use some water bottles or soup cans as added resistance. The dumbbell should be around 3-5 pounds and as you get stronger, you have the option of increasing the weight.

The second piece of equipment you should have is a yoga mat. You will use a mat for floor work such as push ups and ab exercises, and it will also come in handy when you do the stretching/yoga workout.

Karena and Katrina also include a water bottle under their list of necessary equipment. Always have access to fresh water during your workouts and throughout your day.

Depending on what version of the Bikini Babe workouts you receive with your purchase, you may also require mini bands, aka booty bands, a resistance band, and a little kettlebell, all of which are available on the Tone It Up online store.

Accessories (required)

The four accessories you will need for Tone It Up’s Bikini Series program and Beach Babe workouts include a camera, journal, measuring tape, and a pair of exercise shoes.

You’ll need the camera to take a good set of Before photos so you have something other than the scale to measure your progress. Instructions on how to take the most useful before pictures are on the Tone It Up website.

You’ll need a journal  to write in each day. Karena and Katrina suggest that writing down your thoughts will help keep you centred, motivated, and honest with yourself. Whether you journal first thing in the morning or in the evening, in a fancy store bought one or on a stack of papers beside your bed, journaling can help you meet your goals.

A measuring tape is another way to track progress without a scale. Even if the scale doesn’t move, your tape measure might tell you that you are losing inches of fat.

Lastly, you’ll need a good pair of shoes to exercise in. Since you’ll be doing some higher impact movements, you’ll want to a pair that give your feet the support and cushioning they need.



  • 5+ times per week

There is not a  workout calendar provided for the Tone It Up Bikini Series Beach Babe workouts. However, it is implied that you will workout every single day.

The only thing you are specifically asked to do is 20 to 40 minutes of cardio movement first thing in the morning. This is referred to as the Tone It Up “Booty Call.”

There are several different Beach Babe workouts and with the variety provided for you, you could choose a different routine each day of the week to help minimize the risk of overtraining.

Our experts have reviewed the
Tone It Up
and are instead recommending the below workouts


  • Follow required program regime strictly to get results

You will need discipline to stick with the Tone It Up workouts and nutrition plan. Booty Call means 20-40 minutes of movement each and every morning. This is not necessarily your workout, but it is moving your body before you eat breakfast.

You also need to do a Tone It Up workout every day, whether it is the free daily workout posted on the website, a Studio Tone It Up workout on the Tone It Up app, or a Beach Babe follow along video workout.

The meal plan is fairly strict although there are ways to add in healthy desserts, wine, and additional calories if you require them.



The Tone It Up Beach Babe workouts do allow some modifications to make them fit the user’s fitness level.

Everyone does the same workouts, but you can make the exercises easier or harder by adjusting the tempo or range of motion of the movement. You can also select whether you want to use hand weights, and if so, what amount of weight is suitable for you.

For example, you can do push ups on your knees. Or you can choose to only go down an inch or two at the top of the push up as you build your strength.


Optimal Diet Options

  • Diet changes required: Yes

The Tone It Up Nutrition plan will be the piece of the program that affects your results the most, if you follow it closely. Although the lifestyle nutrition plan recommends sticking to a whole, natural food diet, it does make some suggestions that are not necessarily right for everyone.

The plan contains almost no red meat. Instead, you will find a variety of fish, chicken, turkey, and some vegetarian meat options such as quinoa, tempeh, and tofu. If eggs are used, you are asked to use only one egg yolk a day. For most recipes you will use either the whites or the prepackaged egg whites.

Very little dairy is included in the plan with several non-dairy options given. They usually recommend almond milk to drink and coconut yogurt. If dairy is prescribed, it calls for low fat milk products.

Starchy carbs such as potatoes and rice are only allowed in the first three meals of the day. The last two meals should focus on lean protein and green vegetables.

That being said, there are a lot of recipes included in the Tone It Up bundle. Aside from the other recipes included in the other ebooks, the recipe book alone is a 114 page beautifully photographed downloadable ebook with over 200 nutritious recipes.

There are also lots of tips to help you with meal preparation. Katrina and Karena recommend setting aside one day a week to prepare some of your food for the week ahead. There are also recipes that you will double up on so you can save the leftovers for the next day’s meal.

The nutrition guidelines in the 21 Day Challenge  and 7 Day Slim Down are much more strict. You are allowed fewer treats on the 21 day plan and none at all in the 7 day slim down.

Although some women may find the meal plan to be strict, the lifestyle nutrition plan also includes advice on how to incorporate treats into your week. It is not a black and white eating plan but more of a guideline to help you eat better so you can look and feel your best.


  • Supplements Required: Yes

The Tone It Up Nutrition plan does suggest one supplement, although it is optional. Katrina and Karena  use protein powder in many of their recipes. You can use it to quickly boost your protein intake and make a quick digesting morning smoothie. There are many smoothie and smoothie bowl recipes in the various Tone It Up guides that you can snack on at any time of day.

You can also use protein powder as a replacement for flour in nearly any recipe that calls for flour. Katrina and Karena have developed recipes for muffins, pancakes, and cakes that call for protein powder and no flour. There are many different flavor variations for muffins and pancakes that use the powder to boost your protein intake.

Eating enough protein will help balance your blood sugar levels. which will help to reduce your cravings and give you energy. Daily protein is also essential for your body as it works to repair itself after your workouts and replenish its nutrient supplies. It also helps improve the health of your skin, hair, and nails.

Supplement Brand

  • Supplements Brands Recommended: Yes

Karena and Katrina of Tone It Up have created their own brand of plant based protein powder called “Perfect Fit.” It comes in two flavours: chocolate and vanilla. You can purchase it online at the Tone It Up website and it’s also available at approximately 1500 Target stores in the United States.

Perfect Fit protein powder does not contain any dairy, gluten, or stevia. It is made from pea protein, pumpkin seed protein and other organic ingredients..

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Workout Program Support

For customer service support with your Tone It Up products, you can email the support staff at the address provided on the website. You also use the live chat feature on the website for any questions you may have before purchasing any of the products.

There is also a specific Help section on the website that gives you numerous articles that answer FAQs (frequently answered questions) regarding the Nutrition Plan, your order, tech support, Perfect Fit protein powder, and various other commonly asked questions. It is a great resource to check out before you consider emailing your questions in.

For ongoing motivation and support while you’re doing the Tone It Up nutrition plan and daily workouts, you can post your pictures and comments on Instagram and tag @ToneItUp and use the various hashtags such as #TIUteam, #TIUgirl, #TIUplan.

Tone It Up also has a Facebook page but there are not as many user comments and interactions as there are on Instagram. Tone It Up is also on Pinterest and they have a huge library of videos on their YouTube channel.

For even more tips, tricks, and inspiration, you can also sign up to receive emails from the Tone It Up girls.


Our experts do not recommend Tone It Up.
Check out these alternative programs instead.

User Testimonials

Tone It Up is a very well known online fitness program. Katrina and Karena have been together as a team for about 8 years.

Tone It Up’s Instagram followers total well over one million, while Karena has 162,000 on her personal account and Katrina with 195,000 followers. Their Tone It Up Nutrition account has another 225,000 followers. The Tone It Up Facebook page has over 694,000 followers.

On the  website, you’ll find comments like these that are echoed by thousands of other women in the online community:

  • Tone It Up made healthy living easy to understand.
  • The online community are real women just like me.
  • I eat more now than I ever did before and continue to lose weight and tone up.
  • This plan taught me how to fuel my body with nutritious superfoods that keep me energized all day long.
  • The online community keeps me motivated.
  • I never get bored with my meals and I’m not stuck in the kitchen for hours trying to make a good meal.
  • This community has been everything for me.
  • I’ve gained so much confidence, I’ll never look back.

Karena and Katrina have appeared on many online and offline publications, some of which include PopSugar, People, Self Magazine, Shape Magazine, Elle Beauty, and Livestrong Woman. They had a brief reality show on Bravo in 2014. They have also recorded a workout series with Jillian Michaels. They don’t necessarily work with any celebrities, simply because they are celebrities in their own right.

The Tone It Up girls have also embarked on a world tour and they host an annual TIU retreat for 450 lucky women once or twice a year, appropriately held by a beach.

Other User Testimonials

Since Tone It Up is such a popular online program, it has been reviewed by many people.

All of the reviews are generally positive, even though not all the reviewers loved everything about the program.

Most women love the meal plan and the Tone It Up nutrition lifestyle ebook because there is a large selection of recipes to choose from. The education portion of the book has also been useful for a lot of women to understand how and why the meals are planned as they are.

Favourite dishes of Tone It Up followers include the quick and simple tray dinners and the protein pancakes. With the Tone It Up brand of protein powder, you are able to create a lot of delicious, sugar-free and low carb treats that you would otherwise have to avoid on the nutrition plan.

Here are some of the things Tone It Up users like:
– The large selection of food and the meals are easy to make;
– Karena and Katrina are very positive and share a  body positive message;
– Purchasing the nutrition plan gives you lifetime membership;
– Tray dinners and perfect fit protein pancakes;
– You can try before you buy with the free information on the website/instagram and YouTube videos;
– The extensive, supportive online community.

What Tone It Up users don’t like:
– Daily workouts are too frequent;
– Working out twice a day is time consuming’
– Some users comments and questions were deleted and flagged as abuse on Instagram;
– The meal plan is strict.

The Tone It Up lifestyle is not for every woman. If you’re not 100% dedicated to the daily workouts and eating lean, clean, and green, then it may not be the right fit for you.

Workout Phases Overview

You don’t need to buy anything to test drive the Tone It Up workouts. You can freely access the daily workouts on the Tone It Up website. As well, there are many workout videos posted on YouTube.

However, if you want the Tone It Up lifestyle nutrition plan and exclusive access to the follow along workouts filmed specifically for the Beach Babe series, you’ll want to take advantage of this deal.  

With the most recent release of Beach Babe 5 workouts, you’ll get 8 of Katrina and Karena’s top workouts that will help you burn fat, build sexy muscle, and give you confidence to rock your best beach body. You can also purchase other versions of the Beach Babe workouts so you’ll have constant variety.

Each follow along workout video varies in length. From a 10 minute stretch routine to a 35 minute full body sculpt workout, you’ll be able to pick and choose the workout that fits into your busy day the best.


There are no specific phases in the Tone It Up Beach Babe workouts. However, if you are a complete beginner, you can start at their website and find a page titled, “New To Tone It Up? 3 Perfect Workouts to Get You Started.”

These three free workouts include a 20 minute follow along video from the Beach Babe 2 collection, a 14 minute Totally Body Tone Up from their YouTube channel, and an 11 minute Bikini Abs workout also from their YouTube channel.

You’ve got three choice here. You can stick with these three workouts or you can do the Daily Workouts posted on the website. Or you can purchase 1 or more of the 5 Tone It Up Bikini Babe workout series and schedule them into your calendar.

The workouts don’t require any expensive or heavy gym equipment. Most of the workouts only require a pair of light dumbbells and a yoga mat. Additional equipment such as a light kettlebell and “booty bands” can be bought on the Tone It Up website or in stores.

The first three Beach Babe video series will be briefly discussed now.

Beach Babe 1  includes 7 different follow along workouts videos. Bikini sculpt is a 40 minute long toning workout that will shape your shoulders, legs, and arms. You’ll need a pair of light hand weights and a water bottle.

Long and Lean is a relaxing stretch video with yoga-inspired moves. HIIT on the Beach is a bodyweight interval training workout that will have you sweating it out for 18 minutes. Wear some good athletic shoes.

Surfer Girl is a playful 25 minute video that will have you surfing and toning in your own home. The other three videos target the arms, abs, and booty individually, and are each between 12 and 16 minutes.

 Beach Babe 2 includes 9 follow along workout videos. The most important video you’ll need in this series and after is the “Set the Bar” video. “Set the Bar” helps you record and monitor your athletic performance and fitness levels through a series of 1 minute exercise challenges. You’ll also be taking your heart rate and recording it several times during the 18 minute video.

Beach Babe 2 also includes two full body routines, a 20 minute arm workout, a 26 minute booty workout, and an 18 minute ab workout. You’ll also get HIIT the Beach 2, a 40 minute, full body, high intensity interval training workout.

Lastly, a 26 minute sunrise routine and a 15 minute stretch routine would be the perfect videos to either gently kick start or end your day.

 Beach Babe 3 was designed to compliment both of the first two Beach Babe series with fun new moves. This time, along with the usual full body routines, High Intensity Interval Training workout, a yoga-inspired stretching routine, arm workout, booty workout, and ab workout, you’ll also be getting a stability ball routine,  a resistance band routine perfect for travel, a 33 minute kettlebell workout, and 3 bonus videos.

The first instructional video will tell you how to incorporate the Beach Babe 3 workouts into your calendar. Karena and Katrina also suggest using the “Set the Bar” from Beach Babe 2 to monitor your fitness progress. The last two bonus videos include 5 tips for sexy abs and motivating tips straight from Karena and Katrina.

Money Back Guarantee

  • Money back guarantee available: No

Tone It Up does not offer a money back guarantee.

In the fine print posted on the website, it states that everything, which includes all Tone It Up products, offerings, content, and materials on the website, is offered “as is”. No warranties or guarantees of any kind, even if implied, will be honored.

While this might be disappointing news, one must understand how difficult it is to monitor how people use online products. It is easy for consumers to abuse a 100% money back guarantee.

You can use this as an incentive to make the program work for you. Knowing you invested your hard earned money into a Tone It Up product, and can’t get it back, can help you stick with it rather than giving up when it gets too difficult.

Investing in Diet and Supplements

If you choose to follow the Tone It Up lifestyle nutrition plan, you will be buying lots of vegetables, lean protein and possibly some food that is new to you. The cost of Tone It Up’s own protein powder should also be considered.

These costs will be offset by the sense of accomplishment you will feel as you obtain better levels of health and fitness. Your clothes will start to fit better and you’ll have more energy. There is no greater reward than that.

Monthly Subscription Program

  • Has Monthly Subscription Program: No

The Tone It Up Bikini Babe series and the Tone It Up nutrition plan is a one time cost. There are no additional monthly costs after purchasing these products.


The Tone It Up Bikini Series Digital Bundle comes with 5 ebooks, and the most recent Beach Babe bikini series of workouts. With so many beautifully photographed, nutritious recipes, the recipe book on it’s own is a treasure.

But what sets Tone It Up apart from any other online fitness program is the massive online community of dedicated followers. And although some of the women who try out the Tone It Up program find it doesn’t work for their lifestyle and personal preferences, the vast majority of women fall in love with the positive vibe Katrina and Karena infuse into everything they do.

What we like most about the Tone It Up Bikini Series digital bundle is that it is a relatively low, one time fee that gives you a tremendous amount of value for your purchase. We applaud Katrina and Karena’s desire to focus on body positivity and feeling good about yourself, not just about having a “beach-worthy” body. We love that they encourage you to embrace a balanced lifestyle, with wine and treats mixed into your weekly meal plan.

The women are committed to the lifestyle that they share with others and it shows. We also like that there is a lot of variety and options as far as workouts go. You can start with the free daily workouts posted on their website, but to get even more of a sense of what these ladies are all about, a Beach Babe workout series gives you full body workouts, intervals workouts, arm, booty, and ab workouts, and yoga-like stretching routines.

What we don’t like about the Tone It Up Beach Babe series is that there are no written workouts. However, if you are travelling and want to workout when you’re away from home, there are some written workouts to be found on the Tone It Up website.

We also can’t recommend that you workout every day, 7 days a week, especially if you’re embarking on an 8 week challenge that runs twice a year. We encourage you to take one full rest day each week, however, that can include a stretching routine and a moderate paced walk.

Some of the Tone It Up nutrition principles are a little outdated. For example, they suggest having only one egg yolk per day. Unless otherwise told by your doctor, the average healthy woman can have multiple egg yolks per day without negative health consequences.

We also question their overuse of the term “metabolism boosting.” Not everything will boost your metabolism significantly. Research has found that eating 5 meals a day isn’t any better for weight loss than eating 3 meals a day. What it comes down to is what works best for you in the long run.

So to conclude, we would recommend this program for a woman that enjoys being in the kitchen and making healthy meals. You will receive a lots of valuable educational material and food preparation tips in the ebooks. The workouts are somewhat time consuming and you will be asked to have two exercise sessions a day. If you have time for that, we know that you will enjoy the rewards of the Tone It Up lifestyle.


Based on our detailed review of
Tone It Up
We have found the below workouts to be better structured for overall fitness