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21 Day Fix Meal Plan



Ocupation: Fitness Editor

Age: 30

meThe best thing about the 21 Day Fix program is that it combines working out with a fantastic nutrition plan! Working out is important, but it is only a factor of losing weight.

Nutrition is proven to be the most efficient way to get the results you’re after. Diets no longer have to be difficult with the 21 Day Fix meal plan!
With the 21 Day Fix meal plan, I no longer had to guess what type of healthier options to include in my meals or try to guess at correct portions sizes by eye-balling it. Everything was laid out for me in an easy-to-follow type of way, taking out all the questions of dieting like “is 1,200 calories a day the same for everyone?” or “Should I write down my daily calorie intake?” or “Should I weigh my food?”.

21 Day Fix Meal Plan

How I Calculate Calorie Intake For 21 Day Fix Meal Plan

First, (after buying the 21 Day Fix program on Amazon.com of course) I calculated my target calorie intake like so:

  • Current weight x 11 = Your baseline
  • Your baseline + 400 (the Fix calorie burn) = Your calorie need
  • Your calorie need – 750 (calorie deficit) = Your target calorie goal

Then, from the 21 Day Fix nutritional system, I know how many colored containers I can use that day. Because the program comes with seven containers, one for each type of food, I no longer had to guess at certain portion sizes, and it ensured I was eating a little bit from each food group, which has always been a struggle for me. Each container is proportioned and color-coded according to what type of food it is, which was definitely helped me the most!


My target calorie goal was 1,135, which is less than any of the four different target calorie ranges used to determine your diet in the program, so I stuck with the 1,200 calorie target. Then, the 21 Day Fix meal plan simply lets you know exactly how many containers to eat each day. It’s that simple! So long eye-balling portion sizes, hello new and improved me!

What I Really Think About The 21 Day Fix Meal Plan…

At first, I was eating the full containers as directed. But by week two, I found it difficult to eat that much. I took this as a good sign because that meant the 21 Day Fix meal plan was working! So I stopped filling the containers all the way up, and never tried to force myself to eat the leftovers. But this could be because my target calorie goal was less than 1,200 to begin with and I was seeing results already!

Using the 21 Day Fix meal plan, I was able to lose the weight I was after, eat healthier, and stop guessing about whether or not I was doing it right! I even started using it for my husband’s meals as well, and he started noticing a difference in his weight as well, just from using the containers alone!

We will continue to use the 21 Day Fix meal plan because it works and we loved it so much!